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Time To Build A New PC


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On 2/4/2021 at 6:11 PM, Magness said:

Very nice man :) can’t wait to see it. Already benchmarked anything on the current PC to see how much faster the new one will be?

sorry for not responding . Life has been hectic lately. I just got around to putting the system together today which took me a while, but I realized I need some fan power splitters to get all the fans connected to the mono  (why the LL120 kit, or the case itself which came with 3 fans , did not have one is ridiculous ) so I am not done yet. They are supposed to come tomorrow, but I wont have time to get this thing finished until Tuesday.  I did power it on for a min just to make sure everything else powered on, and it was working, and that’s the battle 😂

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