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Godaddy Write Permissions, Asp.Net


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I can't write, rename, or move files via ASP.net pages on my server. The code is simple, and works on my dev machine. Clearly I do not have the proper permissions. In the file manager I set the folders from which I am operating to WRITE.


Here is the page that gives and error on a simple rename (aka "move"):



Ideas? Anyone else have GoDaddy, and using ASP.net while doing fileio operations?

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I checked the error, and found this on MSDN: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320268


It looks like you can add AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute to system.Web in the web.config for your app. If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure. Maybe try to replicate the same conditions on your dev machine that they have on godaddy.


That's about all I can think of. All the web stuff I've done has been self-hosted, so I always have access to the server.

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