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I Just Got a New Car: 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Dave C

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That was our runner up when we were looking earlier for a new car for my wife. We went with the 2009 Subaru Forester. The Tiguan was such a close second though, it really came down to the Subaru dealer giving us more on our trade and the Subaru costing less. As some one who has owned several VWs, enjoy those first 3 years of free maintenance :)

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As some one who has owned several VWs, enjoy those first 3 years of free maintenance :)


Ok, give it to me straight. This is my 1st VW. What's typically the reliability like after 3 years and how long does it take to get parts for repairs.


The performance/handling, refined eurostyling and ergonomics really sold me on it.


The japanese competitors in the compact SUV/crossover class were roughly a few thousand less for similar options but overall I found the VW had better materials and build quality. I love the lighting and layout of instrumentation panels. Very thoughtful.

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Ok, give it to me straight.


Dude, there's no turning back now -- you already got it. Enjoy it while it lasts, which we all hope is a very long time. It's just that some of us have the impression that VW/Audi turns out an astonishing number of lemons.


BTW, I'm very, very angry and bitter this evening, so please disregard anything I say.

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Just anytime you have something go wrong after the first 3 years, just remember your driving a German car. We loved our VW's, just loved them. My wife still misses her 2001 Jetta VR6. I can just speak from our problems, on the Jetta we had an electrical problem that caused us to have to replace the battery relay fuse box($600), Radiator fan($500), CD deck died($350 just for the HU, went aftermarket instead), and HVAC fan blowers died($1300 required the engine to be practically removed). The car was fine until the warranty ran out, seriously the fuse problem happened 2 weeks after the warranty went out. With our 2003 GTi 1.8t we traded it as soon as the warranty period was up. Will I ever own another VW again? You sure as hell bet I will.


One interesting thing about VW's warranty this year, they dropped a year off the warranty but added the no maintenance policy. I liked that, not needing to worry about any maintenance is nice.

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