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Rob B

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Good news everyone.....


I just landed me a new job.


The job is a sales job with a home improvement company in St. Cloud. I will be doing sales for them and the pay sounds like its going to be phenomenal, it is straight commission so that worries me a bit but I also told the average guy will make 30k-32k in the first year. He also said his top guy is closing in 80k and this will be his third year.


As mentioned the job is up in St.Cloud and does involve a bit a driving. I will more than like crash at my loves house during the week to start out with. They also mentioned that they were looking to have someone "stationed" in Hutchinson in a couple of months, I guess they have quite a few leads in that area, so needless to say they quite thrilled to have some one from that area apply.


I also don't just start fresh out of the water so to speak. I will be going for training for about a month and doing ride alongs were the commission is split so I still get to have monies coming in during that period. Not sure were the training will take place it will ethier be up here in St. Cloud or down in LaCrosse WI. If it is in LaCrosse I'll get to live out of a hotel. A nice working vacaation would be fun.


Defently seems like a fun place to work. I went with Carrie to the company outing a few weeks back and everyone seemed really nice and got along well. I also gathered this from the interview process today.

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