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With the imminent release of Rock Band 2 and the inclusion of online world tour, I figured I’d see if anybody was interested in starting a band. If enough LCVG bands were started, then competing in the “Battle of the Bands” style tournament would also be a great idea.


I know that in the past, scheduling long-term online gaming seems to fall apart, because I guess people on this forum insist on having lives outside of gaming. But from what I’ve heard, Rock Band 2 handles this pretty well, with substitute members allowed to play in the band and the ability to replace members of the band.





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EnemaEms | XBox 360 | Expert | Expert | Medium | Medium

Eldorado | XBox 360 | Hard | Hard | Expert | X

fighting fish | XBox 360 | Hard | Expert | Medium | Hard

gunnerxxx | XBox 360 | Hard | Hard | Medium | Hard

NIGHTW1NG | XBox 360 | Medium | Expert | ? | Medium

Quicksand | XBox 360 | Hard | Hard | Medium | X

Scott Van Dyke | PS3 | Easy | Easy | Easy | X



Starhawk | XBox 360 | HARD | HARD | HARD | X

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I still play RB1 online on a consistent basis, so I'll definitely be in for RB2.


They haven't really discussed how Online BWT is going to work though. I have a feeling that it will be where you're working through the hosts BWT progress and everyone else is really just helping out (and having fun).


How ever it works though. I'm almost always up for RB. And I have a lot of DLC. I can play anything depending on the time of day. Usually I'm guitar or bass though (expert in RB1, but I think there's going to be quite a few songs in RB2 that I won't be able to pass on Expert, at least not alone).

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Cameron, my schedule hasn't been very free either, maybe we can organize bands based on a combination of skill-level and time (both when and length of time) to play.


Graeme, a couple of weeks ago, they had some of the Harmonix guys over at X-Play. They talked a bit about it. No word on if there is a "leader" of the band, but it does sound like the four people are the band and there is some sort of progression there, not just backup for the host. If there is a concept of a "leader" then it'll be interesting to see if that person can be kicked-out or substituted.


X-Play Hands On

X-Play Virtual Audience

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Thanks for those links. I can't quite wrap my head around how it's going to work, but it should be interesting. Hopefully there will be a blog from HMX about it soon.


If anyone wants to play some RB1 to get warmed up, let me know. I haven't been playing a lot lately but have been getting back into it more recently. I have a group of people on my friends list that I play with regularly, but we're usually always looking for a 3rd or 4th member at any given time.

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Another reason for me to be a back up player: Im buying the bundle and don't own RB1, so it doesn't look like I'll be able to join you guys until October 19th.


Glad to see I'm not alone.


I can play guitar/bass on easy, and drums on easy. No singing. Don't everyone charge at me all at once now.:D


I actually like to go to the new BB in town and play the game from time to time. I cannot wait for RB2 bundle to come out to PS3.

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Now that I actually have this, Im up for some Rock Bandin'


Guitar: Im playing on Hard and can do well with all but the highest ranked songs. Teen Age Riot just gave me a run, but I finished it with 87% first time playing through. It sure felt like I missed more than that.


Bass: Im playing on Hard and could probably swing Expert on some songs.


Drums: I have to lower to Medium. Hard is just kicking my ass right now.


Vocals: I really havent given too much of a shot yet. I usually only like to sing when Im playing with other people. Probably medium.

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