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I am planning a redo of the "Most Anticipated Games Database." There are many cool things that I want to do and I'll talk about them at a later date.


But one of the things I'd like to do is give forum-goers the option of listing their Top 3 games in their signature (pulling it from my site similar to how gamecards are pulled). I can do this in one of two ways I think.

  1. I can making it so a URL like http://anticipatedgames.com?uid=kfredericks returns a gif for that user.
  2. Or it could return XML and LCVG could render it how ever they want, perhaps as straight HTML in the signature.

Either way there would be some tinkering that would have to be done on LCVG's end. Could it be set up as a checkbox in the profile settings, or would it have to be something the user would have to paste in themselves? Obviously it would be cooler if it were a setting (checkbox). Let me know what you think.


This is all theoretical at the moment. But I thought it important to ask this question upfront because a lot of work will go into making it work nice with the forum.

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