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GTA Chinatown Wars - (DS, PSP)

Scott Van Dyke

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Any interest from the community for this one yet? There's virtually no information out there yet. Just rumors. I've always liked the 3D sandbox genre that the later GTA titles offer, and gaming on the go is always nice.


I'll be picking this one up over the holidays for sure.


Some rumors taken from another website:


16. Please grade each of the following game features on how interesting they?d be for a Nintendo DS game. -OPEN WORLD: It takes place within an open, real world environment. You will have the freedom to navigate a massive map, explore a world with changing weather and traffic patterns, smart Police and pedestrian AI, and choose different missions to play at any given point in time.


-MATURE STORYLINE: This is the story of an outsider navigating the criminal underworld of a major city. You play as a young gang soldier involved in the internal power struggle for control of his gang.


-AD HOC MULTIPLAYER: With wi-fi connectivity, players can play each other head to head in four different game modes, including a race (seven different race maps, can race with all the game vehicles), and play co-op modes.


-LENGTH OF GAMEPLAY: 70+ missions, 20+ hours of straight gameplay?with significant replayability on top of those 20+ hours.


-STYLUS BASED MINI GAMES: Missions include a wide variety of contextual mini-games, such as assembling a sniper rifle to complete an assassination mission, and smashing locks and hotwiring cars to steal them.


-REPLAYABLE MISSIONS: A feature that allows you to jump to any completed mission from a convenient menu and play them again.

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Although that's what made (at least the idea of) Vice City Stories - you were a guy who got mixed up in all this crap, rather than just a criminal out to do bad things.


Which is also very true of Niko in GTA IV as well of course... I think IV achieved a nice balance of the lead character at least having some morals as a man who really didn't want to get caught up in anything bad but found himself in positions where he had little choice. Go much further in having the lead struggling to do the right thing however and, as Dogbert says, it's no longer GTA.



The DS game is looking surprisingly decent.

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?Nintendo wanted us to make GTA, and we wanted to make a game on their platform. They didn?t want us to make a GTA for kids, and we weren?t interested in making a game we wouldn?t normally make.?


So how mature will the game be? The latest issue of Edge also reveals that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will have a complete drug dealing minigame, which will allow players to peddle six types of drugs around the city. Players will make a profit by recognizing market conditions and demands based on geography and plying their wares accordingly.




Ah I can see future Daily Mail headlines already...

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As reported by dogbert in the Edge Magazine thread in the Consoles thread, the cover story in Edge magazine is apparently about this game.:tu


The full article is now online.


This type of viewpoint was something we’d played around with years before, just after GTA2,” Houser reveals. “And we’d never used it in a commercial game, but we always liked that isometric view and kind of had it in the back pocket as a fun thing that could be revisited. This was the perfect hardware for it.”


The perspective was semi-inspired by the aborted GTA Miami 2.5D project I was on? Nice :)

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So, is anyone here other than me really excited for this next week?


The game is getting a lot of ad time on TV the past couple of weeks and I think this game may actually move more DS's than normal (I wish they were making a GTA themed DS ;) ). I can see non-portable gamers buying a DS to play this.



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Put my preorder down after watching the game in motion and seeing the hotwiring.


I'm looking forward to it and hopefully the switch to a smaller system will take it to more "pure" GTA with a little less of the unnecessary fluffy parts like working out, eating, and maintaining a more elaborate social network than my real life :P


Edit - New gameplay footage on main site of the sniper and hacking minigames, very clever.

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