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Phil's Original 360, R.I.P.


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Phil has gone so long with his long friend from Winter of 2005. Even though his original 360 was coughing and seemed to be on his last leg, it refused to turn on its 3 red lights of finality. That 360 was one of my favorite 360's that ever graced the gaming world. You will be missed old friend....by all.



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Why am I picturing this scene?


With as much dignity as he could muster, the Old Man gathered up the sad remains of his shattered Major Award. Later that night, alone in the backyard, he buried it next to the garage. Now I could never be sure, but I thought that I heard the sound of "Taps" being played. Gently.




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Yeah, why does Phil's 360 gets it's own thread?!?




Because Dean was so pissed that i got 2 360's the exact same day.. I sent one to him(over night right before christmas) that year.. But hes on like no 4 and I just had my 1st one go down..


That and He hates me:(

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