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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine


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THQ's upcoming action game footage on youtube. It's all samey (though good-looking) at this point, and the developer-monkey talking uses some generic design terminology I've already heard Gears and God of War designers say. And this game looks Gears, but appears to play more NG/GoW.


It's looks like a fairly generic action game with a well-respected license. But it's very early material, and I hope they can make a good game out of it. I'm a long-time fan of the WHFB/40K universe(s), and they are finally starting to get their due in the VG world (thanks to DoW and Age of Reckoning). While a strong squad based FPS is STILL not being done yet, a solid rock'em sock'em action game isn't a bad second move towards some good twitch gaming.


So I'll keep an eye on this game, and hope it provides some good fun.

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