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Jaw Dropping moments in games (lots of spoilers, read at your own risk)


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Edge has a pretty good list of jaw-dropping moments in games.

I certainly agree with all the ones on there I've experienced for myself.


A few more I'd add:


-the beginning of Bioshock - the swim to the lighthouse

-so many parts of Half-Life 2 & episodes 1 &2. To single one out: The ending of Episode 2.

Seeing Aperture Labs tied into the story, and Eli dying... oh god, I promised myself I wouldn't cry...


-Portal - final battle & end credits

-Wow - the first time you see a Fel Reaver


Edit: The article does warn, but it definitely contains spoilers for many of the games it mentions... so if you see a title that you don't want spoiled, skip that one. :)

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Jaw dropping moment for me that was more of a personal one, firing up the co-op in Ghost Recon for the first time. It was launch day and we had the max amount of players (16 I believe), the first game loaded up and there I was standing there with 15 other guys I actually knew pretty well and we were all on the same team for some co-op. We've had large rooms in certain games since then but that was the first for me (I don't PC game) and I'll always remember it.

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1} The first time crawling out of Vortex Rikers, in the original Unreal on the pc, and looking up at that gorgeous sky.


2} Hearing a homage to the original Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, happening in the background, as you play Raziel in the temple of the Sarafan. You'd have to have been a fan from the beginning to know that one.


3} Coming out in the broad daylight in some weird dimension, after endless hours in drab hallways, while playing Breakdown.


4} "Created by Warren Robinett".

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What no silent hill?



The revelation in Room 302 in Silent Hill 2 stands as one of the most jaw dropping moments in gaming for me. Just for the fact that you're witnessing an actual murder presented in an adult themed and very human way.


Your girlfriend being murdered in The Darkness

Good one! I loved that scene.


Some more recent ones:


-The first time you step into sun bathed world of Cyrodil from the dark Imperial Prison in Oblivion.

-The entire finale of Mass Effect. Everything from the point where you return to the Citadel from Ilos all the way to the credit roll. Just amazing set pieces and production values.

- Pick any number of moments from Metal Gear Solid 4. Every cutscene is about as jaw dropping as it gets IMHO.

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Ah ha ha, yeah, the mindfuck moments in Eternal Darkness were awesome. Not to mention that cutscene with the tub. Oh, you know the one I mean. Scariest moment in that game by FAR.


Y'know, KotOR's twist was great, but soon as I heard there WAS a twist I had it figured out well in advance.


Recently there was a brilliant cut-scene in Tales of Vesperia that blew me away because what I expected to happen did NOT happen. It was raging towards a cliche moment repeated many times over in games, movies, and tv that I absolutely hate... and then they did the unexpected and it was just a great moment for me in that game.


Now to pick at the Edge list... I don't think Star Control II's is particularly jaw-dropping unless you're four, but that game is all sorts of amazing so I'm just glad to see it get props in any form ;).


Gravity gun time is probably my favorite moment in any game ever. Oh yeah.


Car smashing was done MUCH better in Final Fight, imho. That bonus round is brilliant, capped off with the bad guy coming out and going 'my car!!!!'. The Chrono Trigger trial section IS great though.


Ech, I will posit that Aeris' death in FF7 is one of the most overblown and overhyped moments in gaming history, not a jaw-dropper. Ah ha ha, Psycho Mantis is genius though, damn he's a great fight.

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MDK was full of jaw-dropping moments for me.


The first flying colossus also made a special impression.


And there was one mind-fuck in Eternal Darkness that really got me. I went to save my game, it asked if I was sure, and then it went through this totally-real looking process of deleting all of my save games. I really shit my pants, thinking "WHAT DID I JUST DO?!?" for a second, until it snapped back to normal :)

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A few moments I didn't mention


-In guild wars the last mission of the opening area where your group is being chased by the Char, and you have to race back to the castle was a OMG moment for me. Most fun I had from a mission in my at the time short MMO playing

-The COD4 moment you all know about

-The last 5 seconds of Too Human

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