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decent quality bookshelf speakers @ $200 ish?


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Hey guys


I need to swap out my tower speakers for some bookshelf speakers. My 1 yr old keeps tipping over the tower speakers and ripping out the banana plugs... I'm afraid she's going to get hurt or dump the speakers on my 2.5 yr old or get electrocuted playing with the speaker wires when they get ripped out.


They are a little too tall anyway for the setup now (overlapping the projector screen by about an inch which drives me crazy) and not exactly high-grade. They're Fluance (cheap internet-only HT speakers).


I could use some suggestions for a decent deal on some bookshelf speakers. Hopefully I can put them on a 2-shelf bookcase or secure them to the wall or the bookcase that currently sits under my projector screen.


I recently ebayed a bunch of stuff so I have a couple of hundred dollars to play with. I'll worry about matching up the surround speakers properly later, so being able to buy some tone-matched speakers later is a plus.


I had a real fondness for Paradigm at the local HT shop, I was considering some used Paradigms via ebay...looks like I can get a pair of used bookshelves for sub $200. But I'm open for suggestions. I'd like to start a speaker upgrade here.


Something chepaer like a deal on some Polk bookshelves, would be ok too if anyone has a suggestion.


I have a tendency to prefer black...but oak or cherry type finishes might be OK too.



To start:


I saw a good deal on a Klipsch 5-speaker setup on fatwallet...




but these are a little smaller than I really would prefer. These days the sound doesn't get cranked very loud (sleeping kids), so I'm more concerned with quality than with sheer power though.

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I'll second your thoughts on Canadian Speakers. Check out audiogon and watch for some used (none were in your price range as of 4pm today) Paradigms. I love my PSBs and almost bought Paradigms when I was shopping for speakers. The other option is to go the internet-only route with av123 (b stock on some x-series maybe??) or svs (sbs-1 b stock).


Good luck.

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So you liked the PSBs ? I haven't heard them (I have auditioned Paradigm a long time ago). I do like the size though...I'm having trouble finding something small enough (about 31-32 mm tall tops) but not too small - I think the Paradigm Atoms are too small and the Titans are like a 1mm or so too big for my current bookshelves (which sit under the projector screen).


I like the looks of the Alpha B1 setup or the CLR. I'm poking around trying to find a deal on some B1s -they'd be just the right size to fit on the bookshelves but so tightly that the kids would have difficulty pulling them out :D.

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