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The forum now has a tagging option for threads. Thanks to kelley for adding it this morning. Many of us have had problems with the regular forum search the last few months, so this makes things a lot easier. You can search for a tag, and all the threads with it pops up. I have started to tag gaming threads, and tested out the search. Works great so far. This is the format for tags I have been using, so we can have everything we want pop up during a tag search


I've been putting the

-Name of game/series (ex. Halo, Fable, Little Big Planet, Resistance, Mario)



-Each system it is on

-If someone notable like Peter Molyneux or Wil Wright are working on I put that in there as well. Sometimes people like searching for a certain person


Here are the tags I am using for the systems


Xbox 360

Playstation 3


Windows (Can't use 2 letter tags so PC was out)

Playstation 2


Nintendo DS




Should also note for EA I used Electronic Arts as well because of the 3 character minimum


As I move on to other topics I will put the tags I have used here.

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