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FUBAR'ed EXT2 Format


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I was formatting a drive with my NSLU2 and the format utility timed out on me. Now I'm having a hard time getting the drive to respond to anything.

I'm using some software to view the EXT2 drive within windows (http://www.fs-driver.org/index.html). It used to work properly, but now when i hook the drive up to try to format it with NTFS before running it throuhgh NSLU2 again it is freezing my system.


Loading "My Computer" just freezes when I try to expand drives to see the linux drive (i've let it run for about 4 hrs at work this aft and it kept scanning the drive but never responded). It shows up as a named drive, but the application freezes to the point I can't click anything (even my local hard drive)

The EXT2 IFS For Windows application sees the drives, tries to assign a drive letter to them, but this application freezes as well.


Any ideas on somewhere to start to see if I can recover this disk? I've got a spare computer I can install an alternative O/S onto but I have no idea if this would be at all beneficial if i'm in native ext2/ext3 mode and i've got no experience in that...


any ideas?



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You could always try using DBAN to boot and do a quick erase (physically disconnect your other drives first if you don't trust yourself to select the right drive). Outside of that it could be an actual bad drive, but I only know of extremely nerdy command line Linux stuff to look at the SMART data for that.

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so i got into dban, but it didn't seem to see more than one harddrive partition. The one it did see was of the desktop. it didn't see the attached USB Drive. the desktop I hooked it up to is SATA only and this external drive is IDE so I can't just throw it in.


I'm thinking it's about time to throw in the towel on this one, maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

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