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Tough Decisions: Remaining 2008 Console Releases

Dave C

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I'm definitely going to have to rely on more meta reviews & renting for the rest the 2008 releases. Way too many games on my radar.


Releases I'm interested in:

Bold - Tentative Must Haves/Purchases


09/16 - Armored Core: For Answer

09/16 - Pure

09/16 - Star Wars: Force Unleashed

09/23 - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

09/30 - Silent Hill: Home Coming

10/07 - Fracture

10/14 - Dead Space

10/14 - FIFA 2009 (EU: 10/3)

10/14 - Saint's Row 2

10/14 - Socom: Confrontation

10/19 - Rock Band 2

10/21 - Little Big Planet

10/21 - Legendary

10/21 - Far Cry 2

10/21 - Fable 2

10/28 - Motor Storm: Pacific Rift

10/28 - Fallout

11/04 - Resistence 2

11/04 - Tom Clancy's End War

11/07 - Gears of War 2

11/11 - Call of Duty: World at War

11/11 - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

11/11 - Mirror's Edge

11/11 - Star Wars Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duel

11/17 - Left 4 Dead

11/18 - Tomb Raider: Underworld

11/18 - Prince of Persia

11/24 - Lord of the Rings: Conquest (Delayed to 09)

12/31 - Alan Wake (most likely will be delayed to 09)

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09/23 - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


I loved all 4 hours of the first game. I'm very interested in this but the delays make me wonder. Saw it running recently and it did look really nice.


10/14 - Dead Space


Looks spectacular! It's really, really impressive. I'm interested to see how it does in reviews.


10/21 - Legendary

10/21 - Far Cry 2


Played each of these recently and they both failed to impress. Legendary disappointed in the looks department (though perhaps that's just because I tried it immediately after playing Killzone 2). Far Cry 2 struck me as too many promises which are going to be tough to live up to. The environments seemed lifeless too.


11/18 - Prince of Persia


Looks fantastic in person. They wouldn't let us play it for unspecified reasons but it looked like the controls were a work in progress. The game seemed to be on autopilot as the Ubisoft rep played through the levels.

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I still buy a boatload of games but I've gotten much more selective in the past two years and I don't see that changing this holiday season. This is where I'm at with my purchases...


09/16 - Armored Core: For Answer - Absolutely no interest. I like From, I've never really enjoyed Armored Core except for the third game in spurts.

09/16 - Pure- Preordered and getting bought. I absolutely loved the demo.

09/16 - Star Wars: Force Unleashed - Already paid for.

09/23 - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - Rental at best. Not a big fan of the previous games

09/30 - Silent Hill: Home Coming- Preordered and getting bought. It's Silent Hill - DUH!

10/07 - Fracture - Interested and I'm certainly wanting to hear more before purchasing

10/14 - Dead Space - Horror? Space? Yeah, bought

10/14 - FIFA 2009 - Negative. No thanks

10/14 - Saint's Row 2 - Really interested but may not make the cut this year. I wouldn't doubt I'll walk away enjoying it more than GTA4. I thought the original was a blast. Maybe pending on funds

10/14 - Socom: Confrontation - Maybe. I haven't played the beta yet and the past few Socoms have left me blah. Other shooters take precedence

10/19 - Rock Band 2 - No thanks, I barely play the first game

10/21 - Little Big Planet - Without question getting bought. DUH!

10/21 - Legendary - Sparks Unlimited? The same guys that made Turning Point? I'd prefer to have my testicles crushed in a vice. I've yet to play a game of thiers I've liked.

10/21 - Far Cry 2 - Interested but may not make the cut. Other games are more important to me.

10/21 - Fable 2 - Definite buy. The first game was overhyped but I walked away liking it a great deal. I'm definitely in for the sequel

10/28 - Motor Storm: Pacific Rift - Won't make the cut. I like MotorStorm but you have to be one hell of an impressive racer to get my money and there are a ton of other games I want more.

10/28 - Fallout 3 - Bought without a single doubt. One of my most anticipated games of the year

11/04 - Resistence 2 - Definite buy. I loved the first

11/04 - Tom Clancy's End War -No interest. RTS really isn't

11/07 - Gears of War 2 - Getting bought for the coop alone.

11/11 - Call of Duty: World at War Possible but likely won't make the cut. It looks good and I'd like to hope that it'll end up being good but Big Red One and Call of Duty 3 taught me that I won't be playing the fool thrice for Treyarch...

11/11 - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 See End War

11/11 - Mirror's Edge - My most anticipated game of the year . Without question getting bought

11/11 - Star Wars Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duel - No Wii, no bother

11/17 - Left 4 Dead - Bought. Definitely

11/18 - Tomb Raider: Underworld - Next year after a price drop. Never been a Tomb Raider fan but this one interests me

11/18 - Prince of Persia - Bought without question.

11/24 - Lord of the Rings: Conquest Next year after a price cut. I liked the battlefront games but I can do without it.

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My remaining 2008 game purchases are below. Most however will be put on the Christmas list as I fund my ATV addiction I picked up this year :hyper


09/08 - Rock Band 2

09/16 - Pure

09/16 - Crysis: Warhead

09/16 - Star Wars: Force Unleashed

10/14 - Saint's Row 2

10/21 - Fable 2

10/28 - Motor Storm: Pacific Rift

10/28 - Fallout

11/04 - Resistence 2

11/07 - Gears of War 2

11/17 - Left 4 Dead

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My thoughts


09/16 - Armored Core: For Answer- Nope

09/16 - Pure- Down the road I will

09/16 - Star Wars: Force Unleashed- Yep, my friends son asks me to buy it every day and would riot if I did not

09/23 - Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway- Hell yes, reserved

09/30 - Silent Hill: Home Coming Not right away, Would like to play the others first

10/07 - Fracture Depends on how it turns out

10/14 - Dead Space Yep I'm all over it

10/14 - FIFA 2009 -Nope

10/14 - Saint's Row 2-Nope

10/14 - Socom: Confrontation- Depends on how it turns out

10/19 - Rock Band 2- I'll let phil buy it, he plays more then I do

10/21 - Little Big Planet Yes Yes Yes and Yes

10/21 - Legendary Wait for price drop

10/21 - Far Cry 2 Wait for price drop

10/21 - Fable 2 Reserved a while back

10/28 - Motor Storm: Pacific Rift Will wait for December after the next few weeks

10/28 - Fallout Si

11/04 - Resistence 2If I get done with the first one by then

11/04 - Tom Clancy's End War Wait till December

11/07 - Gears of War 2 Yes Yes Yes and yes

11/11 - Call of Duty: World at WarAll over it

11/11 - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Nope

11/11 - Mirror's Edge Try the demo first to make sure I don't get motion sickness

11/11 - Star Wars Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duel Nope

11/17 - Left 4 Dead Hell Yes

11/18 - Tomb Raider: Underworld Really want, will see how my wallet is by this point

11/18 - Prince of Persia Really want as well, will see how my wallet is by this point

11/24 - Lord of the Rings: Conquest Ditto to above 2

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It's a tough year for me too, actually, I don't buy a whole lot of games, but there's a lot of good stuff coming out.


For sure:


Dragon Quest IV next week for DS (this is my 3rd or 4th favorite game ever) - already pre-ordered

Gears 2 on Nov 7

Chrono Trigger DS on Nov 25th (if it is an excellent port)



On the radar as possibles:


Sep 22: Civilization IV: Colonization for PC

Sep 23: King's Bounty for PC - apparently a sequel to oldschool King's Bounty and early reviews from Europe are good

Sep 24: Mega Man 9

Nov 17: Left 4 Dead



Might look into next year:

Oct 28: CnC Red Alert 3 for PC

Nov 20: The Last Remnant for 360

Oct 21: Star Ocean: The First Departure for PSP

Oct 21: new Castlevania for DS

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I'd heard rumors fracture had serious issues?


What can I say, eyes and stomach bigger than my wallet >.>


my defs ($5 down already in no particular order):


-Spiderman Web of Shadows PS3 (I loved Spiderman 2, and am hoping this is A LOT better than 3 which was a little disappointing)

-Sonic Chronicles (DS) Super Mario Bros RPG meets Sonic - sure why not?

-Castlevania Judgement (i'm a Castlevania fanatic so yea.. I know its probably not that good but whatever)

-Ghostbusters (360) - looks good, fan of the films, want to see it happen (Badly)

-Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon - Crypto's cool, I have my doubts but I like the series

-Star Wars:TFU (ps3) - SW nut. and I've got money down on it already.. so here's hoping it's not as bad off as Tycho described

-Lego Batman (360) - the rest were good, this one should be too, right?

-Street Fighter 4 (PS3) - the previews looked good and I enjoy classic style capcom fighters

-Fable 2 (360) - Heard good things about the last one, screens and stuff looked good. I have a 360 this time around so why not?


Probables I dont have preorders on yet:


-Castlevania Order of Ecclesia (DS) - CV nut

-Naruto Ninja Storm (PS3)/Broken Bond (360)- the rest of the series have been enjoyable from a gameplay and presentation perspective

-Wariloand shake it - classic mario esque game... maybe (although some of it makes me go >.>)

-Tomb Raider Underworld (series is usually decent, vids look good..)


Iffy mostly for money reasons

-Tales of Symphonia 2

-Gears 2 (it's a great looking title, but Gears hasn't been my thing so far)

-Resistance 2 (looks good but I'm not a big FPS fan lately)

-Star Wars Clone Wars - Saber Battles

-Mortal Kombat vs DC

-Bioshock (Ps3) - price/shortness concerns

-Little Big Planet (ps3)

-Mushroom Men (interesting seeming but I may wait for bargain release, met one of the Voice Actors which proved interesting).

-Fallout 3 (only because of the money and I'm not sure what console to get it on)

-Sonic Unleashed (I want a GOOD sonic game again.. someday..)

-Mega man 9

-SM RPG: Seven Stars

-Dr Mario RX

-Resident Evil 5


-Starcraft II

-Diablo III

-Samurai Showdown Collection (I keep forgetting about it tho :( )


So unlikely I might win the lotto first:

Rock Band 2



Mirror's Edge


Chronotrigger DS

Rune Factory 2

Prince of Persia

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I went and reserved my must haves today:

Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway LE

Dead Space

Fable 2 LE

Fallout 3 CE

Gears of War 2 LE

Call of Duty: World at War CE

Left 4 Dead


If anything else pops up I may or may not get it depending on finances, Christmas IS coming and I really need to remember that.

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I did up a list just a while back, but to prompt discussion, enjoy


September - Ended up buying Time Hollow, Rock Band 2, Colonization, Unsolved Crimes, and Yakuza 2 (Time Hollow and Unsolved Crimes soon to turn into Saint's Row 2)



Dead Space - Again, review/opinion time, but I love survival horror so much, it's a safe bet.

Saints Row 2 - Big fan of the first game, enjoyed it in some parts better than GTA, so probably getting this.

Castlevania DS - The Castlevania DS games have ranged from 'oy' to 'awesome'. At any rate, I'll at least give this one a try and if it's not to my liking just trade it away.



Gears of War 2 - Mmm, Gears.

Banjo Kazooie - If this comes out as good as it seems, will be hard to say no.

Mirror's Edge - Loved the trailer, not as sold as everybody else yet...

Left 4 Dead - If I could only buy one game this season, THIS would be that game.

Tales of Symphonia II - Ahh, Lloyd and company are back.



Prince of Persia - Thank god this got bumped down a month.

Persona 4 - No brainer. Competing with Tales for my favorite JRPG series and it builds on the genius of the third title.

That's pretty much what I'm considering right now. It's sad that some things there have to die while I spent all of July and August playing old games because new releases were so sparse.

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Updated list to keep myself current.
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To a few people

I tried and I ended up keeping a good deal of what I rented anyway. I bought more games last holiday season and the months leading up and by the time January hit I had completed damn near all of them. So, nah, I'm ok thanks. If they were sitting on a pile somewhere unplayed I'd be more inclined to agree. Considering how shitty this year has been for games thus far - I'm looking forward to the holiday rush.


Yakuza 2 - Loved the hell out of the first game, no-brainer purchase.

I knew I forgot one! Thanks Mark. That's a definite buy.

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9/14 - Rock Band 2 Already bought, along with a new wireless guitar. I wonder just how much longer I will stay in the music game, because the money I spent on RB2, the guitar, and GHWT would have covered quite a few other games...

9/16 - Star Wars TFU I already talked about my hesitation with this one in its thread. I still haven't made up my mind. More than likely getting it, but we'll see...

9/23 - Lego Batman passing on this one

9/23 - Brothers in Arms:HH haven't played any in this series, so a pretty easy pass

9/23 - Warriors Orochi 2 I've always kind of liked the Dynasty Warriors type of game, but then it gets old real fast; passing

9/30 - Silent Hill Homecoming I actually haven't played any of this series outside of maybe 15 minutes of SH2. Still, what I've seen of this one does intrigue me. I think it is between this and Star Wars.

10/7 - Disney Sing It YES! And by yes, I mean NO!

10/7 - Fracture nope

10/7 - NBA Live 2009/NBA2K9 I have to tell myself to NOT buy sports games. I can usually get my fill of them in a rental period

10/14 - Rock Revolution Even with the lower price, there is no way

10/14 - Dead Space I like what I have seen of it, but I can't afford to buy everything. Looking like a rental at best.

10/14 - Saint's Row 2 not my type of game; pass

10/14 - Rise of the Argonauts This is my type of game, but again it probably will just be a rental.

10/21 - Fable 2 Never played the first one but can't deny it looks like a good game. Doubt I will be getting it though.

10/21 - Far Cry 2 nope

10/21 - Legendary I'll admit that this did intrigue me at one point, but I have not been impressed with how it looks. Romier mentioning that this is the game people who did Turning Point pretty much seals the deal. Pass.

10/26 - Guitar Hero World Tour Still not quite getting why people seem to be jumping off this one. Sure, the set list is not looking quite as good as RB, but it has some good stuff in there. I've already paid for the bundle and am hoping the gameplay is more like GHA than GH3.

10/21 - LittleBigPlanet The hype almost got me, but I don't tend to play games on my PS3 and platformers are not my favorite. I'll pass on it.

10/28 - Fallout 3 This should be a definite purchase, but we'll see. I want it, but it will depend on how weak I am with other games.

10/28 - Scene It 2 Since I have the first one and the game-only version of this one is only $40, I just may get it. Of course, that is 2/3 the cost of another game, so maybe I won't.

10/28 - High School Musical 3 Dance-whatever uh, as much as my daughter might want it, no

11/4 - Quantum of Solace no

11/4 - Tom Clancy's End War no

11/4 - Resistance 2 The stuff I saw from E3 was impressive. Still likely to pass on it.

11/7 - Gears of War 2 Definite purchase.

11/9 - Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Wrestling games always appeal to me, but I have to pass. Maybe my nephew will get this one.

11/10 - Mortal Kombat vs DC I am very tempted to get this one, but my mind is telling me it makes more sense as a rental. One way or the other, I will be playing it.

11/11 - Mirror's Edge I haven't looked at this one too closely, but the little bit I have just hasn't done much for me. Pass, but that is no judgment on the game.

11/11 - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 no

11/11 - Call of Duty World at War As much as I enjoyed CoD4, I have to pass on this one. Or maybe rent.

11/11 - Valkyria Chronicles My type of game, but it is on the PS3. Maybe when it drops in price.

11/17 - Left 4 Dead Pretty sure I am getting this one.

11/17 - Lips no

11/18 - Tomb Raider Underworld no

11/18 - You're In The Movies ugh, no

11/18 - Prince of Persia Kind of like World at War or Mirror's Edge - something has to give and this is probably one of those. Could rent it though.

11/20 - The Last Remnant I surprised myself by resisting Infinite Undiscovery (though I did break down and get Tales of Vesperia), and I think I will resist this one too. I'll get it eventually though.

11/24 - Lord of the Rings Conquest rental at best

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I gave up my game rental service this summer because I spent too much time playing sports and was never home. Now I'm torn between starting it again, or just getting really selective. In any case, my interest list is...


09/16 Rock Band 2 - Game only

10/14 Saints Row 2 - I think I have to do it just for more insurance fraud

10/21 Little Big Planet - Need to decide if this game is worth $460 to me

11/04 Quantum of Solace - likely to be dropped, but I've really liked what I've heard

11/07 Gears of War 2 - must play, although it may be a play and trade

11/11 Mirror's Edge - In love with this game

11/18 Prince of Persia - likely going to drop and pick up during the post xmas slump

11/20 Left 4 Dead - 4 player coop, I'll be playing the wimpy bitch hiding in the corner. Sold :P

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To a few people, *cough*


Negative. Rentals just don't work for me. I play games over time for the most part. Also they all have co-op/online elements which i usually hop whenever the urge hits. I've been pretty good this year at playing stuff I buy. Only stuff still in package waiting to be played is Lost Odyssey which I got for $25, Blue Dragon for $15 and Battlefield Bad Company full price. Other then that everything has been played a good deal

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I only rent, except for very few games that I love, because I'm not into online gameplay at all and it's pretty easy to go through a single player session in 5 days. But there are a ton of games coming out, and my 360 just had to up and die now, didn't it? Well, better now than next month, I guess.

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Kind of warming up to Dead Space so, probably get that.

Have Fallout 3 (lunch box edition) pre ordered.

Far Cry 2 is my def must have.

Gears 2 for sure.

Fable 2 probably as well.


My prob is actually finding the time to play all of them since most of them are going to be long-ish type games and, they come out so close together.

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