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9/11.......7 Years Later


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I still remember seeing the second one hit Live. Like it was yesterday. At first I was trying to come to grips with who had screwed up. I thought maybe someone at the airport or pilot error but when the second one hit, I knew it wasnt an accident. The worst of it was realizing I'd almost written a similar story to what happened back in '93.


Then I realized I might've known someone in that building. And spent 20 minutes trying to track down my New Yorker friends via IM. Found out about the other planes and was worried what else might be targetted.


Had to go out.. came home a little while later then stuff started collapsing. As if the initial shock hadnt been bad enough.


It felt like I was watching a godzilla or King Kong movie that had suddenly gone from cheap thrill to horribly horribly real - if you know what I mean.


All I can say is - I'm glad the healing process has started

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Here's my post from the 5 yr. anniv.:


The horror and images are still very clear in my head.




I was working 4 blocks away at 70 Pine St. Oddly enough, 70 Pine St. was the tallest building in the downtown area until the completion of the World Trade Center.


I remember hearing a huge bang and what sounded like the rattling of HVAC duct work as if someone just shut it down. Someone on my floor must have been surfing a news web site and announced that a plane struck the WTC. I immediately turned on a TV/radio I had at my desk. A few of us went out into the street. We had a clear sight to the WTC and watched in horror as flames and smoke were shooting out. Then the 2nd plane hit. By this time alot of people were in the street. Everyone was just stunned. Emotions were running ramped. It became obvious we were being attacked. My co-worker deceided to venture closer to the WTC while I went back to my office to call my wife and family. My wife wanted me to come home right away. I said I would but deceided to finish up a few emails. Then we started hearing a thunderous roar. Seconds later we heard the horrible news on my radio. My phone started ringing off the hook. My wife begged me to get the fuck off the island. Just as I was ready to comply, my co-workers were looking out the window down to the street and said, we ain't going no where. Clouds of debris were rushing down the street engulfing everything. Minutes later the co-worker that went closer to the WTC came back to the office covered from head to toe in soot. He was coughing and gaging really bad. We helped him to the bathroom. He ended up being ok. Then it was just a waiting game until the dust settled. Until of course the 2nd tower collapsed. I didn't end up leaving until about 2:00PM. The air quality was still bad. I used my shirt to cover my mouth. I walked straight ot the South Street seaport with a crowd of co-workers. We were taken off the island via tug boat. We got off at liberty state park. It was the most erie feeling as we sped away from the island. All you could see was dust completely covering downtown. From liberty state park we were transported by a shuttle bus to the light rail which then took us to a NJ transit bus depot where we each were able to find a bus to our local destinations.


My wife lost a friend who worked in the WTC. She still crys when ever she thinks about it.

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I have a lot of horrible images in my head from that day, but the one that stands out the most is something that happened early on in the process. I was working at the Nasdaq (not the one in Times Square, the data center in CT), and a buzz started to go around that something was up. One by one, we popped our heads up out of our cubicles, and then gathered in small groups around computers tuned to various news networks. When the second plane hit, one of my co-workers turned to me and said "We are at war."


I will never forget the mixture of horror, awe, and dread that was in his voice as he uttered those words. That statement crystallized for me the feelings of confusion and terror that were swirling around inside of me, and that's when I really started to shake.

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Nothing to say about the day 7 yrs ago, but I think it is a flat out embarassment that there still is just a hole in the earth at ground zero. Maybe they aren't ready to put in the new building, but can we at least raise it to level, put in a park, and a plaque or something?


Agreed. I think they want to rebuild but have been arguing about how/if they should proceed ever since

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Mine will be a little different this year. I attended a work conference in Groton on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I live in DC, and have since 2001. I drove up with my boss to the conference on Monday. Driving back last night, from the western side of the GW Bridge (just after we left the city) all the way well into Jersey, the NYC 9/11 memorial shone like a beacon. It started out pretty thick (at our northernmost point), visible only by the spotlight(s) hitting the cloud cover. As we drove parallel with the city, it became more defined, becoming very visible and brilliant. Finally, as we passed south, the beam could be seen as the TWO beams splitting the sky. I know they don't keep it lit every night anymore, but it was beautiful to see it last night.


So the drive continued to Northern Virginia, and we passed the Pentagon about 4 hours later. Today we are dedicating the Pentagon Memorial. So last night at midnight, they had the stage set and the Pentagon side lit up in preps for today's dedication. A projector was showing the flag "waving" alongside one half of an entire side of the structure.


It was nice to see two of the three sites remembered in one short period of time.


Take care,


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Wow, that long already?


I remember going into work at Earthlink that morning and it was QUIET. No phones ringing. No keyboards typing. No people talking.

Everyone was on idle on their phones, and packed into all the break rooms watching the tv's as the events unfolded.

Was very freaky just being in a packed room with no one talking, watching as the 2nd tower went down.


The rest of the day was just a little surreal.

Phones were pretty much slow, where we normally would walk in in the morning with at least 100 calls in queue, and when people DID call, they were off their game a bit as well.


Strangely enough though, that year, for me at least, ended up being a very good year in spite of the tragedy, so I am thankful for that, and also respectful of those who's lives were cut short for such a petty and meaningless act of cowardice.

I couldn't imagine leaving my little girl behind that way, or having someone leaving me behind. It is beyond my comprehension.


A solemn prayer for those lost, and their families and friends.

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