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First videogame you ever played?


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Saw this over at escapist, and, aside from making me feel old, it got me thinking...


I think I played some game or games on a Colecovision, but I can't really remember them.


The first games I can remember playing were Lemonade on an Apple IIe, and

Archon on... something, maybe an Apple.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure those came before I was playing Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pitfall on Atari 2600.

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First game I played hum. I'm not sure. My first handheld was Tiger games Castlevania, then Super Mario Land. My first Game Gear game was the packin I think or Sonic(Columns?). First Gensis game I dont remember but may've been Shining in the Darkness. First Snes was Super Mario World. First Atari game (that I'm sure of, probably Smurfs). First Colecovision would be centipedes or poltergeist or ghostbusters. N64 would be Super Mario 64. Ps2 would be Dark Cloud. Ps1 would be uhhh, I think . Dreamcast would be Sonic DC. GBA would be Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance. DS would be New Mario Bros. PSP i'm not sure but I think Darkstalkers . Ps3 is definetely MGS4. 360 I'm fuzzy on. Wii is Wii sports. Gamecube I dont remember but probly Rogue Squadron. Apple game would've been Maniac Mansion. PC I think was a shareware title.


As far as original arcade goes it's either: Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros, Popeye, Donkey Kong, Rampage, 1941 or Dragon's lair. I honestly can't remember I know I played all of them early on.


After a while a lot of it has gotten blurry.

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My family was on a vacation weekend to Six Flags over Texas, and we were staying at a hotel not far from the park. Near the lobby they had a little nook with a Space Invaders game.


I would have gladly given up my whole day at Six Flags just to keep playing, but my parents made me go to the dumb-old theme park instead. :)





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You know, I was trying to figure this out myself when I got the Mame cabinet finished, and I honestly can't remember. I have some early memories of playing Donkey Kong and pac-man in arcades, and I remember pitfall on the 2600 and playing a text adventure on a mainframe (Zork I think, but it could have been the original Adventure), but as for what came first, I can't remember. It was definitely an arcade game that was around before we got the c64 in 83, but that's the best I can dredge up.

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Pong is an easy answer since its the first video game ever created but I'll be damned if I remember my first video game experience. The first system my family owned was an Atari 2600 or 5200 (whichever had Pac-Man, Centipede, Missle Command, etc). I know I had a neighbor who had an old Pong game with them wacky paddles but I can't remember if I played that after or before anything my own family owned. Its all a blur. *Grandpa Simpson voice* Where am I?

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As I mentioned, and a few others did too, I can't clearly remember the first videogames I played.... it's the first time I realized that I've actually been playing videogames longer than I can remember.... neat.


It might just be you've played so many games that it's difficult to keep them all seperated in terms of timeline /shrug


Life gets pretty busy sometimes and that makes some stuff get a bit blurry (for guys anyway >.> Females apparently remember everything you can't >.> and punish us for it when we don't <.< - kidding)

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Pong is an easy answer since its the first video game ever created but I'll be damned if I remember my first video game experience.

i just wanted to clarify: i actually remember being a child of 5 or 6, and sitting at the stand-alone pong game at the hotel i was at for summer vacation, and it being the first game of its kind i ever played.


i also remember being in england a few years later (where i lived for a while) and hearing two adults discussing a game that was going to be released that was played on a television, and which involved a maze sort of like the maze of the minotaur, and which you had to escape by picking up all of a trail of white stones while being pursued by enemies which would kill you if they caught you.


i later relaized that the game they were talking about was, of course, pac-man.


not that it matters, really - i'm just saying that i remember these events like they were yesterday.

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Maybe Pacman, at a local pizzeria in White Plains, NY.


So, is this the story behind your Avatar Poisonjam? A memorial to your first video game experience!




Man, the Pacman you remember is badass, you must have had a lot of sleepless nights.


As for my first video game, I don't quite remember, but it's also from the Pacman, Galaga, Tempest, Centipede generation. My guess would be tempest.


We used to go to the local movie house in South Boston, informally called 'The Bug House.' Being older and wiser, I suppose the Bug House name stems from the resident cockroaches. :o


Here's what the place looks like today. :(


My first home experience was Combat on Atari 2600. I remember that because is was packed in with the console. That was a great pack in, we played that game throughout the life of the console.

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