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Death Magnetic (Metallica)


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I only just listened to the first track. Pretty damn sweet :)


But I felt compelled to post something already because the mastering is your typical over-loud, compressed crap :( I think it's easily the loudest selection of songs I've ever run through ReplayGain, and it sounds pretty harsh with loads of clipping and no dynamic range. Sigh.

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I like what I have heard so far, but I need to pick up the CD over the weekend. I'm seeing them live for the first time on Monday so I need to get familiar with the new material.

Enjoy Dan. I saw them on the Black tour. Not a big fan of that album, but they were fucking incredible live back in the day. :)

Also saw them at Woodstock '94. They were good there.



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Thanks. I can’t claim to be a huge fan but have bought and listened to a number of their albums off and on since I was about twelve after my brother introduced me to their music. My musical tastes, though bias toward classical and film scores, have always been all of the map and I’ve always appreciated how the band’s own tastes clearly transcend a single genre as evidenced with their love for Ennio Morricone and their work with the late Michael Kamen (both of whom I am tremendously fond of) for example.


I know they really love to put on a good show and so they’ve always been on my list of performers to see live at least once and Monday’s concert is at the enormous 02 arena in Greenwich (http://www.theo2.co.uk/inside/the-o2-arena.html). Tickets were only made available to members of their website and fanclub and they only cost ?5 ($10) with all proceeds going to the Youth Music charity. It should be great.

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I have seen them a number of times going all the way back to the Justice tour. They have always put on a great show but the last time I saw them will always be my favorite as they were on the road for a summer tour NOT supporting an album. It was an outdoor show with Danzig and Suicidal Tendencies opening. They played alot of old songs that day, stuff I had never heard them play live. It was great and it is reasons like that they remain my favorite band, even when I am not always crazy about their new music.

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but the last time I saw them will always be my favorite as they were on the road for a summer tour NOT supporting an album.


Those shows are always the best. When touring for an album, new songs that nobody knows always tend to take the place of older classics. The last time I saw Pearl Jam, they were kinda touring for their B-Sides/Rarities which meant songs that any die-hard knew and more casuals could know from the album. It was pretty great.


On the other side... 10(!!!) songs from Accelerate when I saw REM and hardly any that I really wanted to hear.


I wonder how many they'll play from St. Anger regularly on this tour. Any?

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Heh: http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/21800.html


Some of the songs are growing on me, especially the instrumental. I had to go before listening to the last three tracks and when I got back and saw Dean's mention of a 10 minute instrumental I immediately played that. So good :)


EDIT: I hear the GHIII mixes sound way better. Maybe we'll get nice rips from that, if there aren't already...

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Terrific show last night. Stage was in the centre of the arena floor and I thought they were on superb form (they played for a little over two hours). Venue was decent too. I could see people scattered around the place sitting down but we were amongst a good block of fans all standing and singing along. Great way to spend ?5.


I grabbed the setlist from elsewhere:


That Was Just Your Life

The End Of The Line

The Thing That Should Not Be

Of Wolf And Man


Broken, Beat And Scarred



Until It Sleeps

Wherever I May Roam

For Whom The Bell Tolls

The Day That Never Comes

Master Of Puppets



Then for their encore they did:

Stone Cold Crazy

Jump In The Fire

Seek and Destroy


Nice and varied I thought. Nobody wanted to hear Frantic though. :)

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Hehe, I think they always do Frantic now :/ Looks like a great setlist. Opening with That Was Just Your Life sounds great! :)


Though I knew someone else was recording things from GH3 yesterday, I kept doing it myself because I don't really trust anyone else. I'm glad I did because the mp3s the dude put out are messed up. I'm enjoying my own rip :) The GH3 mixes are far from perfect, but the dynamics and lack of constant distortion make 'em far more enjoyable for me.

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I'm loving this album :) The two alternate versions of Suicide And Redemption (the instrumental) in GH3 are both sweet :)


Unfortunately I can't really stand the CD's distortion and clipping after hearing how beautiful things sound in GH3. Gonna have to "rip" it from GH3.


Distorting and clipping? That's the rythm guitar:lol

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Hehe, the guitar distortion is the good kind :)


Nice write-up about the quality issue: http://blog.wired.com/music/2008/09/does-metallicas.html


(IGN has a little article, too: http://music.ign.com/articles/910/910469p1.html)


EDIT: I also like this update to the re-mix petition:


UPDATE - Having heard samples from Guitar Hero 3, it is clear that something can be done to redeem this album. The album sounds 100x better on a video game than it does on CD or vinyl! Welcome to 2008!
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They get the original multi-track recordings for these games (the term "master track" isn't right), and I guess whatever they got wasn't screwed up. The game versions have a few subtle differences, so maybe they got pre-final mixes. Though, oddly enough, when you highlight a song in your song list and it plays a sample, it's a sample from the final CD mix, distortion and everything (the sample for 'The Day That Never Comes' even includes one of the small bits missing in-game, heh). I don't really get it, but I'm happy the GH people got whatever they did.


I honestly laughed out loud when I loaded Cyanide from the CD into an editor... http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/3703/cyanideqo0.png

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