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Romier S

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Woah, there's already a thread :)


I've just been playing the beta for a few hours. I'm not usually into games like this, I just thought it looked and sounded interesting (pretty screenshots, MMO aspects, free-form)...


I'm buying/subscribing on day one :)


(there's an NDA or I'd say so much more)

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I guess I'll try it again. My initial excitement with the beta died down quickly when I got into it more and realized how incredibly static the game is. As long as you don't foolishly build what you can't afford, it just sits there, waiting for you.


Looks pretty, but it was lacking in variety. I looked at many massive cities built by others and that kinda killed my desire to spend time on my own. The game demanded such efficiency that all big, impressive cities were just look-alike grid cities. Trading with others didn't seem to add anything to the game. You could not trade at all and be fine, or trade and be a little more efficient (so you could make even more ridiculously large piles of useless money).


Maybe it's changed for the better, but I have a feeling the demo will be more than enough for most...

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