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VMware Fusion 2.0 Out Now!


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VMware has just released the 2.0 version of their awesome VM tool for the Mac. I'm currently downloading the update now.




Key Features in 2.0:


  • 3D: DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 2. Portal, Team Fortress 2, and lots more games work (with pretty recent Mac hardware and 10.5!)
  • Multiple snapshots and AutoProtect to save your VM's contents automatically
  • Mac OS X 10.5 Server now supported in a virtual machine
  • Multiple monitors in Unity and Full Screen mode
  • Open links and files from your Mac directly in Windows apps (or the other way around!)


I'll report back after I have it installed.

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I was messing around with Fusion 2 and Streammygame over the weekend... Anyone else have any experience with this? The server/client app installed fine, seems to be working correctly and local recording worked o.k. but not streaming over the LAN. I kept getting an authentication error even though it seemed to sign in to the website fine...

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Just an update for anybody interested... I got Streammygame working through Fusion on my Mac :) I can now run whatever game on my desktop PC at full res and settings and stream it to the Mac through Fusion and it is playable. FPS have a fair latency to them making online play a moot point but, the framerates were surprisingly acceptable. No control issues using the Mac trackpad/keyboard or a bluetooth set paired with the Mac. Very cool to be able to game like this without loosing settings on the game or having to do a significant laptop upgrade...


If anyone cares: I had to change the network settings to "bridged" for the Virtual PC and make sure the desktop and laptop Virtual PC were set to matching Workgroups. All working now and plays pretty well over 802.11g :)

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