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This American Life interviews Nigerian scam baiters


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I caught most of this on NPR on the radio tonight on the way home, and listened to the tail end via the podcast (click "free download").


I assume a lot of the folks here have heard of the 419 baiters that attempt to counter-scam the Nigerian scammers and basically get them to waste their time and money.


It was interesting to hear the guys talk about their experience. Basically they scammed a dude for three months into flying into Chad and over to the border with Darfur. It's some crazy shit.


Skip about 5 minutes in if you don't want to hear about hockey enforcers.


I don't feel too bad for the scammer, but..it was pretty extreme to lead them into a dangerous place like that.

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I listen to the podcast every week it's available. This seemed like good old fashioned western justice to me, these guys were policing an area that the police refused or are unable to enforce. Vigilante justice, with all the warts that come with it.


I felt bad for the guy, but honestly listening to some of his scams at the end - the dude was pure scum.

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