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Anybody wanna game with me tonight?


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Okay. I'm bored. I just recently got out of the hospital after a minor little accident and I have to stay off my feet and limit my mobility for a bit. So I won't be going out tonight to hang with friends and play magic.


So I thought I'd see if anybody is interested in doing some online gaming?


You know maybe some Rainbow Six Vegas 2, or Bad Company or hell even Halo 3. Something....anything!! Just leave a reply if your interested and we can work out the time and stuff here.




PS: Yes i know this is short notice. But if I have to watch one more movie tonight I'm going to scream! LOL

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Great gaming with you guys tonight! Sorry i had to cut it short. But i didn't expect my friend from college to just drop by and I haven't seen him since the middle of August.


However I be free tommorrow night (saturday) anybody want to come out and play again? I available for a bit in the afternoon and most of the evening unless something comes up but I think I'm safe! :D

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