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Network Storage Options?

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Does anyone have network storage attached to a wireless router / home system? Wife and I use Macs and a time capsule for a wireless router (also serves x360, Wii, older PC laptops, etc) but the capsule is backup only (cannot partion it to use pieces as online HDD.) So are they any good options for getting some decent networked storage? I've tried hooking up external HDDs via ethernet to a router in the past, results were pretty poor.


Does anyone do this now? If so, how do you do it for best results? We just want a place to put video, pictures, itunes library backups, and such in a neutral and portable location on the network.



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+1 for Drobo here.


First off, I thought you could partition Time Capsule? I think I remember looking that up as I was thinking about buying one at one time, and being able to partition it was a concern of mine.


As for the Drobo, Im using mine directly connected via Firewire 800 to my Mac right now, but I eventually plan to use it attached to a router to stream media.

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Damn, you can't partition a Time Capsule! I had no idea. Apparantly the only way is to physically remove the drive from the Time Capsule, partition it connected to a Mac, and then re-insert the drive. Wow, that would have been a deal killer for me. My HD on my Macbook is 160GB, and I only have 200GB partitioned out on my Drobo for Time Machine use. With 500GB and 1TB(!) I'd probably be able to go back 2+ years for files! Although it would be of better use to me if I had multiple computers.


Are you able to stream from the drobo to the 360?


I'd LOVE to be able to do this, but I really dont know how to stream to the 360 via a Mac. I tried to mess around with VM Fusion for a few minutes with XP Pro, and then gave up. I really dont use Fusion much and decided it was too much trouble than it was worth. Any ideas?

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Sweet. Got the Mac and Drobo streaming to the 360 in no time. The Drobo is connected to my Mac right now, so I really didnt need anything other than 360 Connect.


Wait. Allow me to clarify just in case. Im streaming stuff from my Drobo, but only through iTunes. (since 360 connect only looks in your iPhoto, iTunes, and Movie Folder/Libraries).

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I stream to my 360/PS3/Denon/Popcorn Hour through Tversity on my PC with my Drobo connected to it. Eventually I'm going to move the Drobo to a simple Shuttle XPC type setup like Greenmonkey has so I don't have to keep my main rig running 24/7.




I like having a whole PC so I can run other apps if I want.


I'm running on it:


TVersity (PS3/Xbox streaming)

PyTivo (streaming / file transfer to Tivo)

Magicjack (VOIP)


Will go back to trying to get uXM to run on it when I get some time (for streaming XM radio online to the PS3/360/Tivo) as well as moving the printer to it so the laptops, desktops can print without worrying about if my desktop is on or not.


For the non-Drobo users, are you using a redundant RAID array or are you backing up everything some other way (or maybe not backing anything up at all?)


I don't have real redudancy, but copies of the photos reside also on the wife's laptop, and the music also resides on my desktop (and I have most of the music on CD in the closet). I'm going to get an online backup service soon as well (Carbonite or HP upline or the like). I'd really like to move to keeping offsite backups in case of a fire or other catastrophe - I'd hate to lose all the digital photos.

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