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So Cal in October


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Work has me traveling to So. Cal in October. I should be there from Oct 6th until the end of the month. My hotel will be in Burbank but I'll have a car and I can drive pretty much anywhere. I'm willing to adventure a bit :)


Anything special going on in October that I shouldn't miss while I have the opportunity?


Any home theater shops I should visit?


Any restaurant recommendations (under say $70 for me)? I plan to visit In and Out more than a few times


Any decent theaters? . We don't have 70mm theaters or domes here in Tulsa so I'd like to experience that.


I'll try to catch a Dodger playoff game but that's dependent on the team making the playoffs and me being in town while they have a home game.


I'll try to squeeze Disney in if possible. That's still questionable. What's this "California Adventure Park"? Universal is probably out plus there's the fire damage.


Anyone else going to be there and want to hook up?

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California Adventure is a sister park to Disneyland. It is just across the street, but they do require a separate admission (unless you get a special two-fer type ticket). I've never been but I hear the emphasis is less on rides there, though they do have a freefall one set in a haunted hotel.


For theaters, you may want to try out the Arclight. They are very nice and tend to cater to a more adult crowd. I think they operate the CineramaDome. Its been years since I've been there but it was a very impressive screen back in the day.


While In-N-Out is good, I would recommend you check out Tommy's. I love their chili (which you can get on pretty much anything). If you are a pastrami guy, check out The Hat, though I don't know how close they have a location to Burbank. There's a few around though so it shouldn't be too hard.


Gordon Ramsay has a restaurant in Hollywood (I think) now. I have not been but one of these days we'll check it out - my wife is a GR fan, though I think the food will not really be what we are used to. A couple of good BBQ places are Lucille's or Wood Ranch BBQ.


If you do head out to Disneyland drop me a PM or something. I'm an Orange County guy and we're close to Disneyland, so at the very least we could grab a meal.

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My brother has a restaurant in Hollywood called "The Foundry On Melrose". If you like amazing food with a French twist, go. Call ahead and say you know Eric's (the chef) brother, Josh Fruhlinger. Totally worth it, and be sure to try the Greenspan reserve, named after half of our family.


Also... definitely check out Santa Monica and the pier. Good for a day of walking. Venice is right there, too. The Getty is a must-see, I think. Hiking in Griffith Park is great. There are some great bars and clubs in the Silverlake and Los Feliz areas where the cool kids hang out, if you're into that.


Get used to traffic and driving!

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thanks for the ideas. I will keep "The Hat" and Tommys in mind. I see Pasadena has both restaurants. I'll be pretty close to there.


I looked at GR's place as I am a big GR fan but it will be way over budget. I also looked at Mario Batali's place but the menu didn't strike me as interesting.


I got a heads up on the arclight from another forum and plan on visiting there. I looked at El Capitan but most of the shows I would see are sold out(which is amazing to me). They are showing Nightmare Before Christmas in 3d digital there. Someone also told me about a Fox theater(which has 1 screen). They do alot of premieres there.


I may look you up. My traveling down south is a bit up in the air. I do want to visit down south. Disney is still a coin flip at the moment. It'll probably depend on the Dodgers. The NLCS is during the weekend I plan to be there otherwise I'll have to fly back on Friday and come back on Sunday nights therefore limiting me to just the week days there.



I also appreciate your suggestions. I added the Foundry to my list of restaurants. Hollywood isn't that far from where my hotel is. The touring suggestions are also on the list.


If anyone has additional suggestions, I'm all ears(and eyes).

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