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PSP must haves


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For those of you with PSPs what do you consider must haves for this system?


For me:

Castlevania X Chronicles

Metal Slug Anthology


Capcom Classics Collection (Remixed?) (I haven't tried one of them)

FFVII Crisis Core

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heros 2 (skip one)



Samurai Showdown collection


Other decent titles to play (not necessarily to own):

Dead Head Fred

Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins


I'm debating Megaman X for PSP but can never find a copy

Also debating the new Space Invaders

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Is the Castlevania X Chronicles really worth getting? I liked SOTN when it came out, and I've never played Rondo of Blood, but are they worth going back to on the PSP?


I'm amazed that nobody has mentioned Lumines yet. Still my go-to PSP game if I'm looking for something to just pass some time on a plane, and I don't feel like an SRPG.

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SOTN has playable Maria in X chronicles - and it somehow feels shorter, I wouldn't say it's a must have for SOTN though.


I really enjoyed the revised version of Rondo but a lot of ppl found the controls to be a little stiff/frustrating. Still it's done very very well and the cutscenes for it are Primo.


With X Chronicles you get, Rondo (never released in the US), Rondo's 3D remake, and SOTN (But the remake and SOTN have to be unlocked). There is a microgame as well, but it's kinda goofy. Rondo and the remake are more like classic Castlevania (not much backtracking allowed)

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