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Buzz! PS3

Romier S

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That I already knew but there are plenty of games that have replay value that end up sitting on a shelf for me. If folks aren't playing this online it's only there for special group occasions etc. and I'm not sure if that will be worth it in the end. I'm honestly considering returning it and holding off to see if it will have an online life. It's partially why I started this thread....to gauge interest. I do *WANT* to keep it very badly.:):lol

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Yeah so Buzz! ROCKS! The online play is fantastic. I've spent the last hour just hopping in and out of miscellaneous games and it's just a treat. It destroys most any other game show or trivia game in pure presentation, has a lot of variety from what I can tell and the DLC model (and user created quizzes) will make for great replay value as Dean mentioned.


You guys /NEED/ to buy this. This would be a blast with 8 of us online.:rock

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We played 3 full games and found the base game dull because of repetition in the questions (it would ask a question about the same topic multiple times within the same segment). Also, the questions asked were incredibly easy. I'm far from being a trivia machine but the base questions aren't even remotely challenging.


I also don't like the progression of the game segments. Perhaps I missed an option or something but in each of the 3 games we played the segments (bomb, pie, etc.) came in the same order and were old after the first time. Are there other segments? Does the game mix them up at all?


Bring back the original You Don't Know Jack team...that was challenging, more random in the question types and game segments and was a hundred times more entertaining than Buzz.

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