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Fright Night & Child's Play "Pirate" Commentaries


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"Supposedly the studio wouldn't pay, so they went ahead and put it online for free."


That's not true at all. If it was a matter of money then they wouldn't be on-line for free, would they?


As far as CHILD'S PLAY, the producer and Tom didn't get along so they purposely decided to exclude him from the 20th Anniversary DVD, despite the fact that he wrote and directed a film and the fact that it's been 20 years! We simply asked him if he'd like to do it and he was more then willing. Simple as that. He said if they asked him for the DVD he would've gladly, but no one did.


As far as FRIGHT NIGHT, Sony currently has NO plans to put out a special edition, they're only concerned with remaking it ala PROM NIGHT. So, since everyone was in town for the reunion screening and we had access to a recording studio, again, it was just a matter of asking and everyone was happy and willing.


Since the studios are unwilling to do things like this, we decided to take matters into our own hands, specifically for the fans. Tom and everyone involved did this for free for you guys, the fans. The studio not "paying" was never an issue.

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