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Warioland Shake it


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Is this on no one else's radar?


I picked it up the other day, in the middle of my rush to get lego batman and level my pally and my billion or so other things i'm rushing to get done before WoW's next patch, so I haven't played it much - but it's a decent enough platformer with a few modern updates using the Wiimote motion sensors


Granted it's not an earth shattering title, and some elements are a bit silly, but it's turning out as OK. From what I can tell it's not exactly a full price title, but definetely seems like a solid title to get at a reduced price (or at least rent). Its no New Super Mario Bros, or Braid but it's got it's charms

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This one is definitely on the radar. I'd like to weed out a few other titles first (or any at all at the rate I'm going this year) before getting it. I love me some good, classic side-scrolling action. I also love the art design. I'm so glad to see a console game that does 2D with a 2D art style rather than just going with a 3D characters and levels.

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