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Connection Problems


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I'm having a problem with my parents computer. They're running win98 and I had a wireless network set up to have a laptop, pc, and xbox all wired.

I moved out for school in september and found it easiest to just leave the internet connection to their desktop through the wireless pci card and wireless router. The Cable modem is connected to router and obviously this is beamed to the PC.

Everything works great.


Now I want to take my router out of the equation and hook the modem up directly to a PCI card.

Seems easy enough, i threw in the PCI card that was there originally (before all this wireless madness) and...nothing...

all i did was put the pci card in, install it's drivers, then run Internet Connection Wizard and set it up for a LAN and automatic detection of properties.

I thought maybe the PCI card was fried or something so i picked up another one and tried it, same thing...


Is there anythign else I need to do to get this connection working? I've uninstalled the Wireless PCI card...besides that I'm pretty much out of ideas.

anyone with any experience here?

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Call your ISP and ask them to clear the host IP. Your IP address can only be assigned to one device at a time. Right now it's probably still assigned to the router; by clearing the host, your IP address can be assigned to your PCI card and you'll able to access the internet.


If you still can't connect after doing that, make sure you have solid light for PC or PC Link on your modem. If not, there may be poor connection between the modem and the PCI card. Disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable, or try a different cable.


Also try releasing/renewing the IP:


1. Click on Start, then Run

2. Type winipcfg

3. Select your ethernet card from the dropdown box

4. Click on Release All, then Renew All


You can try all of this before calling your ISP, but there's a good chance they'll need to clear the host for you.

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alright, now i'm trying to do the opposite.

problem is the computer that has the modem wired to it has winxp installed.

i am not at all familiar with xp.

is there a command similar to winipcfg? or is there something else i need to do to get this working?


when i wired the modem into the router and into the xp box (all wired) it didn't detect the connection. i'd imagine it's a similar dilemma as before.

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1. Go to Start, then Run

2. Type cmd, then click OK

3. Type ipconfig /release, press Enter

4. Type ipconfig /renew, press Enter



If you still can't connect, you'll have to call your ISP's tech support and ask them to release the host IP so the modem can recognize the router.

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hmm...is it possible my ethernet cable is bogus?


it looks like it's in good shape but i couldn't get any signal through it.

So I tried to hook it up to an aunt's router when i was at their house over the weekend and couldn't get a signal out of it.


Guess i'll have to pick up another to see if that's my problem.

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