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Time Hollow

Mark E

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And finally for today's posts, Time Hollow!


I picked this up after much searching on Thursday. Game's short as hell, reportedly 6-8 hours or so and it feels more of a visual novel than anything else.


Still though, the story's great and if you enjoyed games like Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk this is a nice little rental or relaxed afternoon or two of play. Since it was only $30 I'm not too torn up about the length, and the story is done and presented really well.


Also, the time mechanic is EXCELLENT and leads to a lot of great situations. This is, so far, the one game I've played this year where a sequel is practically screamed for to flesh out the game elements because I can see a clever designer doing some great things to make the gameplay the equal of the story.

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Game looked awesome too ;)


Finished it tonight, I'd say 6 hours is about right for the full playthrough. Was worth playing through for the story, as I expected. The gameplay isn't much to speak of, although you do get to use a little logic towards the end in putting information together, but nothing exacting.


Easier than Trace Memory, better story by FAR. Oh, and if anybody plays it, make sure you play it through a second time. It'll take about, oh, five minutes, and it's a brilliantly satisfying coda to the first time around.

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