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Details on new Nintendo DSi revealved


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Looks like the often rumoured redesign of the DS is coming out in Japan next month.


DSi is 12% smaller but with a bigger screen (looks almost exactly like a Lite though), 3MP Camera, SD Card slot, internal memory for saving games, built in web browser and photo editing software, and does remove the GBA slot.


The internal memory will be used for storing downloadable games for "DS Ware" and a likely virtual console. The Wii Points cards will be renamed Nintendo Points to reflect the usage for both systems.


Release in Japan is Nov 1st and will retail for ~$180 and comes with 1000 Nintendo Points for a limited time.



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More pics, and a nice interactive DS/DSi size comparison on Nintendo Japan's Site (just click along the bars on the bottom).


It may be nerdy, but I really hope it has WPA2 support (there's no way in hell they aren't adding that, right?).


Also wondering what the full camera specs are, since there's two exterior lenses. One article specifies the back-of-lid camera has 3MP resolution, so that makes me think the hinge is a completely different lower-quality webcam system.


Edit: Bets on them announcing during the American press conference tomorrow a US date before Dec. 25th? Nintendo really does know how to print money.

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It's rather cute. I never did replace my original chunky DS with a Lite so might be tempted by one of these. I'm not too concerned about the loss of the GBA slot as I'd actually really like to find a Gameboy Micro (although they seem difficult to find these days).


I see plenty of used Micros around here. Could look into it if you'ld like.


I'm still sporting the original DS and have been contemplating finally upgrading to a Lite. Upgrade now or wait for a DSi. Decisions....

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I think its an interesting revision of the DS hardware... Curious to get my hands on one and try it out. I like the Lite but we've kept our original DS Phat all this time as its easier on the hands for me (as mentioned). Dual cameras means video chat or integration with some games so thats a surprising add-on for Nintendo IMO - Guess we'll have to wait and see how it will be used.

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It may be nerdy, but I really hope it has WPA2 support (there's no way in hell they aren't adding that, right?).

Answering my own question, it will support WEP, WPA/WPA2 (TKIP/AES), and the magic protocols like Buffalo's AOSS and WiFi Alliance WPS. It can save six connection profiles instead of three.

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The screen isn't getting a resolution update :(

I've heard it's a 0.3 MP camera rather than 3 MP - dunno whether to believe that


Losing the GBA slot is a blow but meh at least I already have one with the slot.


I might get the update for the new features but it's a little iffy (I dont have unlimited cash and this doesn't sound good enough except for the online store feature)


Revision, if the camera is actually a webcam, then it might be actually kind of a nifty utility device for netting on the go

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Just got this from NCSX:

Suppliers in Japan have posted their prices for the first batch of NDSi which is scheduled to arrive on Friday or Monday of next week. The average listing price is JPY26,500 which means our cost is US$277.64 per unit as of this morning's exchange rate of US$1 to ?95.43. If we import them for customers, our retail price will be US$292.50 for the white version and $295.50 for the black NDSi.


We're leery of paying such high prices since better deals will be forthcoming in the next 2-3 weeks as additional supplies make it to market. We'll contact customers today with news on the pricing. Please note the following caveats:


1) It is unlikely that we'll receive enough NDSi units this week to fill all orders. As such, it may take up to 3 weeks to fill your order.

2) If the price drops in the marketplace before we fill your order, we will adjust the pricing for you automatically.

3) NCS expects mostlywhite NDSi units this week due to potential short supplies of the black NDSi from our vendors.


Due to the current level of pricing, NCS recommends that customers wait 2-3 weeks for prices to drop to more reasonable levels. There's a good likelihood that prices will drop $50-$60 when the second batch makes it to market in mid-late November. One factor that might prevent this drop would be the continued erosion of the US dollar against the Japanese yen.

I'd pay $180-200, but $300? Uh, no. Looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer.
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US site launched. Release date is now officially April 5th 2009. IGN's got a hands-on article about the US DSi.


The system will launch in this territory on April 5th for $169.99, 40 dollars more than the current generation Nintendo DS Lite. Though all the photos that Nintendo has sent out are of the black model, the company will release the DSi in both black as well as blue on launch day.
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