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Its simply like this. If you liked Socom I then you will like Socom II. Its a suped of version of the first for the most part. Some new maps, new sounds, dance celebrations, gun turrets and so forth. I sitll cant aim for shit in it, but did have fun playing last night.

I also really like the new friends list and the clan support stuff is good as well. At the moment its a keeper



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I enjoyed the few hours of game time I got last night. I was relieved when I was able to drop terrorists with only a few direct hits as opposed to the 2 to 3 clips needed during the beta. Whether this would be changed was my biggest concern since it really wasn't a glitch that would need to be fixed.


The maps both new and old were nice. Abandoned is now played at night with a few minor changes made to deter cheating plus the addition of two fixed gun turrets at each end of the map. Blizzard looked unchanged with only the wall hacks removed and "Mt. Dean" still fully accessible. The new maps are larger and more complex which forced our small private 3 on 3 games into a draw half the time.


Claymores can now be destroyed by grenade blasts. Should make for some interesting battles on Desert Glory. I like some of the new weapons available to the Seals. Terrorists now also have silenced weapons for stealth.


Voice communication really hasn't been improved much. You are now able to talk in the lobby and see who's talking with the icon over the person's name. The voice interface is still the same though. Hold the button down, wait for the beep and talk for no longer then ten seconds and release. Feels more like leaving a message then talking for me.


Victory dances? I cringed when I first heard about this since they are really out of place for a game like this. But I have to admit they are funny as hell. I could only imagine the outrage in the Muslim world when Al-Jazeera airs videos of US Special Forces doing the Macarena and a Micheal Jackson dance over the bodies of a couple of Al-Qaeda operatives. :D

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The servers are huge in this game. When I first logged in around 7:30 there were 43 US East rooms fully loaded and 15-20 rooms for each of the Central and West regions. The capacity was listed at 100,000 of which close to 25,000 people were currently online. Not too shabby for launch day. ;)


As for lag I did experience a few instances of minor lag during my three hours of game time. We had one server disconnect late at which point we called it a night.

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I'd say to get both if you are able - both RS 3 & SOCOM 2 offer different types of gameplay - both very fun. Besides - other than CounterStrike - what FPS-team games are going to be coming out soon that people will be buying?


SOCOM II has improved the servers by a wide margin. Only one drop with a record number of gamers online yesterday. I do agree with the voice chat - but us XBLers are very spoiled,so I think that plays a part of it.


Some of the new maps are incredible - the weather & foilage are much more detailed,making it easier to hide. The tweaks to the older maps are hit & miss - Abandoned at night is awesome - Rat's Nest not so.


This will also be one of the 1st games to support Sony's HDD with downloadable content - a bit late - but hopefully worth it nonetheless.


I'll be playing some of the single player over the next day or so & post my impressions then.

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