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Tgs: 2008


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XBLA announcements..


Late last night, or this morning, or whatever time it is/was where you are, Microsoft delivered a Keynote speech to kick off TGS 2008, and as well as a few other announcements/reveals, they announced Five new XBLA titles:


Space Invaders Extreme


* beautiful graphics

* classic gameplay

* and online features


Due out this Winter


Arkanoid Live


* high-definition graphics

* beautifully choreographed background music and movies

* loaded with 120 stages

* includes online co-op and versus modes


Due out this Winter


Metal Slug 7


* new missions

* new weapons

* colossal new bosses

* new game modes

* new Slugs to pilot


No word on a release window.


King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match


* new characters and game modes


Due out Spring 2009


R-Type: Dimensions


* two-person local and online co-op play

* switch seamlessly between classic 2D graphics and the brand-new 3D experience



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I'm here at TGS, and I'll tell ya... it's 90% Wii shovelware and random RPGs. Not terribly surprising, of course. Saw the latest 360 Dashboard, more of the same, but it's still looking nice and spartan. Unfortunately, we'll all be forced to create goofy avatars, something I'm not a huge fan of.

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