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Marvel vs Capcom 2 on XBLA and PSN? Signs pointing to yes


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Just saw this over at 1up.com


The game popped up on the ESRB site with 360 and PS3 mentioned. Also some people on Neogaf posted pictures from partnernet with the game listed as well.


If true , that would be awesome for those who don't have a copy. Horrible for those who paid a boat load of cash for it the last few years

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It is a BC title if I recall correctly.


I'll have to check if they ever fixed it. It was an unplayable BC title, serious clipping among other things. If I remember correctly, it was the last of the BC titles that came out. Picked up a used copy for $24.99 years back.

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PSN all the way. No way I disgrace this game by playing it with the 360 d-pad.


Ugh. The recessed d-pad on the PS controllers is awful for Street Fighter style Capcom games IMO. I can tolerate Tekken or the like on it but not SF style fighters. I think I'd rather play on an analog stick. That said even it is an improvement over the horrid Xbox dpad ;)


:tu on the Hori joystick...it was worth it, especially when I was playing the SF2HD beta. Two-in-ones, double quarter circles for super moves,etc call for a joystick. No comparison.

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