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DDR Ultramix


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The official DDR Ultramix site is up at:





It says more about the Live capability now....




If you are a subscriber to the Xbox Live? service, you can use Xbox Live? to go online and play Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix, download new songs, upload/download new step data, rank your best scores against other players across the country and chat with other Dance Dance Revolution fans.


Xbox Live? subscribers can take full advantage of the new Battle Mode system to challenge up to 3 opponents while online! Do you think you have it in you to become the Xbox dance champion?

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Looks like mad fun, but playing DDR with the headset on will be difficult.

Do they make wireless headsets? They should! And in fact I'd like to see the next generation of consoles go almost completely wireless. (still need the old A/C cord. ;) ) But I guess that's a topic for another thread.


My GF will make me get this one when she sees it, ... she dances and occasionally teaches dance.


Me personally, shaking my thaaang for a video game isn't too appealing. Of course, add some kongas and silly monkeys to a game and I'll be all over it. :)


I find the popularity of this game with guys surprising (I don't mean that critically, just analytically speaking). I can see guys having no probelm playing this or any game in the comfort of thier home, but I have been surprised when I have gone to arcades and I see people having to wait in line for this game because there are two or more guys going to town dancing. There's like a whole underground cult of dancer/gamers out there that are REALLY good at these dancing games. And Like I mentioned, I'm surprised that the people I've seen mastering this game are usually guys, and only sometimes girls. And again, not critical, just find it different than what I'd expect. I have no rhythm, so I figure I'm safe from this cult,... unless of course my girlfriend brings this home someday. :?

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Actually I think the live aspects are looking pretty good - prior to this the only thing that was announced for live was that you will be able to purchase new songs and upload stats.


I think what most people will do is chat in the lobby and then disable headset to actually play - maybe they can set it up so you can have your headset on your controller in one port and dancepad on another so you don't have to switch back and forth...

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Just an interesting update - Our BB has gotten in Dance Pads for the Xbox and they include a headset extension cable - so it looks like you will have to have a controller plugged in for the voice. Good news for all those out there who are going to be using a X/ps2 converter with your pad.

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