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There is only a few songs on the setlist that excite me, and I have hopes that those'll eventually end up as DLC on Rock Band. I just don't think I can justify buying all of the new band games coming out, even if all the instruments are compatible. I was thinking of picking up GHWT, but I'm going to bail on that as well, I just have too much money invested in Rock Band.

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Anyone pick this up? Has some tracks that might be a good complement to my rhythm game collection. Also, the drums they have coming out next month look pretty awesome (and Konami has a nice track record of always killing it with their arcade instruments).
Someone over at http://www.justin.tv was streaming video of themselves playing this the other day online and it looked craptacular. The backgrounds and animations looked amateurish, and the cover songs sounded awful.


I've heard bad things about the drums as well. I'll try and find the review of them I saw online and post it when I do.

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Finally got a chance to play this at my friend's place. It's certainly not revelatory, but some of the tracks are pretty cool and it might be a decent pickup if you're the kind of rhythm freak who already has everything else. But maybe I'm just giving Konami too much credit from all my nostalgia of spending hours and hours on Beatmania IIDX.

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