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Forgetting Sarah Marshall bonus digital copy


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So I bought the special edition of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which has a third disc with a copy of the movie you can download to your pc/mac.


After spending an hour actively screwing around to get it on my pc and playable, I believe next time I won't bother.


I wonder if I got some bonus spyware with that? Sigh.

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I agree.. It doesn't even matter what format they encode the movie in these days (MP4/WMV/AVI) - the DRM is what makes it so hard to transcode or import these files into your player of choice. This is supposed to be an add-on feature, not a chore.


Of all the discs I have with this feature now (admittedly, not many) I think only 1 of them went in without issues. As said, you have a valid license for a digital copy of the movie so rip the DVD, it's much easier. Just disappointing that this is the "solution" to the problem :(

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