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FS: Unlocked 8GB iPhone 2G with Accessories


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As I await the G1 release I'm putting my 8GB 2G iPhone up for sale in order to help fund the cost of the G1.


Here's what I've got...


8GB 2G iPhone. Purchased March 08 from the University Village Apple Store in Seattle, WA. Comes with the box, manuals, dock, USB cable, wall charger and an unused AT&T Sim. It does NOT come with the headphones, I managed to send those through the washing machine a while back and never bothered to replace them. The phone is in excellent condition and has never been mishandled. I love this thing but the G1 as well as 3G has me looking for find another home for the iPhone.


Black Incase Slider Case. Has been on since day one, has some scratches on the back and a couple of dings in it. Works great.


2x Matte Screen Protectors. Bought these at the Apple Store, don't have the box anymore so I can't say what the brand name is on them. Still using the first one I installed, has worked great and keeps the phone looking good. Comes with an unused second protector as well.


Belkin TuneBase FM car adapter. Fits my iPhone with the Slider case on it great. You do have to remove the bottom from the case to use it with the TuneBase FM; although you have to remove the bottom of the case to dock it as well. Has an FM transmitter as well as line-out on it; I've always used the line-out and it sounds great. Comes with adapters to fit all sorts of other iPod products; check out the site to see what else works with it. Charges your phone as well.


The phone is unlocked and has been used on TMobile since the date of purchase. The AT&T sim that it comes with has never been used and was removed the day I bought the phone. As far as I know it can still be activated and used if you would like to do so. Phone has the latest firmware on it and works fine; I have not jailbroken it as I haven't had any need to use the Installer application and all of that stuff. I can restore the phone so it's factory again if you like, or leave it the way it is.


Location is Seattle, WA. Local pickup available.


Payment methods, cash if local, PayPal if not.


Shipping via FedEx Express Express Saver with Insurance. Cost of Express Saver & Insurance included in the price of the bundle. If you would like the bundle quicker than that let me know and the price can be adjusted to suit which shipping method you prefer.


Asking $350 shipped with payment via PayPal for the whole bundle. Shoot me an offer if that doesn't work for you. Lowballers will either be ignored or made fun of depending on my state of inebriation.

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I might possibly be interested. The "phone" part of my first gen phone is messed up at the moment. It drops the signal ALL the time, over and over again. I'm taking it in to the Apple Store today. If they try to quote me some exorbitant price for repair, I might just sell it off as a fully functioning 8GB Touch and buy another first gen. I'll let you know... granted it's not likely, but I thought I'd give you a heads up.

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Oops... looks like I fixed it JUST as I was about to leave for the Apple Store. I found a posting through Google that the "Restore Network Settings" is just the ticket for EDGE/Cell problems and sure enough, that did it.


If you aren't squeamish, give Ebay a shot. I noticed that BROKEN phones are selling for $200 for parts, surely a fully functional unlocked model will pull in a lot more.

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