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No more Zima for one of our owners...


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My favorite alcoholic beverage:



Woodchuck cider!


Sometimes I am derided for it being "girly" because it's not beer. I like some beer (OK, just the Canadian ones...I can choke down American beer).


Anyone that wants to call me not manly for drinking it, I challenge to a Jagermeister drinking contest! :chainsaw

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A nicely written post-mortem for the late, (mostly un)lamented Zima: http://www.slate.com/id/2204596/.


For the uninitiated:


Zima debuted in the midst of the "clear craze" of the early 1990s, when products ranging from Crystal Pepsi to Mennen Crystal Clean deodorant sought to take advantage of a vogue for (literal) transparency. Coors, then the nation's No. 3 beer-maker, hopped on the bandwagon by devising a simple process for making a clear brew?just filter your lowest-grade lager through charcoal (a process that strips away both color and taste), then make the liquid palatable by adding citrusy flavorings.
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