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Dragon Age Origins (Bioware RPG coming to 360 and PS3 too!


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I hope Keith (or anyone else who can provide links) sees this as I did not want to put it in the Borderlands thread. He mentioned that the press out of E3 was fairly negative on this one. I tend to follow IGN, Gamespot, and 1Up fairly closely but I never saw anything that came off like that. Any links to these impressions?

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The only people that said anything negative about it were Mark McDonald and Garnett lee on the 1up yours podcast. At the time I don't even think either actually played it. Just saw it in passing, and made a snide comment. The game did get nominations for best RPG and PC game. It can't be that negative

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Both the 1up and Joystiq podcasts spoke negatively about Dragon Age after E3. And I remember after the first reveal of Dragon Age, the trailer, everything I heard was that it was a "generic, me-too"-looking game. I think those impressions were probably also from both 1up and Joystiq and possibly here at LCVG but I do not remember.


Ireally only listen to 1up Yours, the Joystiq podcast, the Joystiq site, Kotaku, and LCVG, and nothing I heard or read from those places was positive. In contrast everyone seemed to love Mass Effect 2.

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My impression was that the style, music, approach, vibe, and overall messaging on the game has been poor. Through the filter of game journalists. No one has really played it I guess. So lets just say that first impressions are not good so far. Doesn't mean they can't turn it around with substance.

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I wouldn't listen to anything the 1up Podcast says anymore. David Ellis has ruined the show. He just comes across as a pompous douche. Sam Kennedy is about as interesting as tree bark. Scott Sharky is just an annoying prick who thinks he is an Elitist, but just comes off as a tool. Garnett has lost his mind and John is the only thing worth a damn, but having to hear the others makes it tough to even listen to anymore.



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From what I gather the real draw of the game is going to be its complicated, branching narrative but most of what's been presented so far is only stressing violence and sex appeal in a very generic fantasy setting. I think it'll be a good game because Bioware does good stuff but the marketing hasn't been very good.

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IGN has a preview up:




As for the demos we were given, both stations had different party compositions. For the first, which we'll refer to as D1, the main character, who you get to create, was a human fighter. In the second group, D2, the main character was a mage. Both groups stood next to a ferryman and were attempting to secure passage to a mage tower with the eventual goal of enlisting the help of its residents in fighting the Darkspawn, the game's primary enemy. In D1, one of the party members was Morrigan, a seductive mage character who chimed in during the conversation with the ferryman to intimidate him into letting them pass. In D2 party member Sten was present, who for some reason thought it to be in the group's best interest to offer cookies to the guard to get everyone across. Since you can only have three members in your group not counting yourself, you'll need to consider who to bring along not only for their skills in the field, but also how they might be able to help out during conversations.


Once the moat had been crossed and mage tower reached, both parties received quite different welcomes. For D1 the NPC who greeted them didn't recognize them at all, but for D2 there were more conversation options available since the main character was a mage and had been to that area before. In D2 the group was able to fire off questions about what exactly was happening with the tower, and soon learned that some kind of evil force had taken over the place.


Both parties eventually moved deeper into the tower and encountered an elderly magic user named Wynn, and this was where the outcome of different character types partaking in conversation proved to have dramatic effects. In D1's case Wynn was suspicious of the character party, and after a few interactions triggered an actual battle between her and the group, resulting in her defeat. With D2, Wynn recognized the mage main character and offered to help out, actually joining up with the character party. It turns out Wynn is the most powerful healer in the game, which we saw in action as she quite capably was able to keep party members alive during an ensuing boss battle. By comparison, D1 had a lot more trouble in the same fight, having to rely more on consumable health restoration items. And just so it's clear, Wynn wasn't just injured in D1's case, she was permanently dead. If you were playing as D1, you'd be barred from using Wynn for the entire rest of the game.

There are some quick impressions about the 360 version in there as well.


Gametrailers has some solid videos too:


Wynn Battle


Fighting the Sloth


Mage Battle


The combat looks good and do the visuals.

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