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Matrix Revolutions


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Well, I really er..... didn't love it. I liked it, but it's like the Return of the Jide of the Matrix trilogy, minus muppets. If one considers Jedi was one two hour long fight, that's kind of how Revolutions went. I enjoyed the first forty minutes, and the the assault on Zion was impressive, but from there it hard a hard time keeping me interested. I like the idea behind the ending though, but how it came to this ending, and how quickly it is dealt with wasn't to my liking. A mixed bag really.



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Why am I here?



Many years ago, shortly before the

success of Speed, you sold your soul

to the devil in exchange for a

promise of notoriety that your

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What was the Osiris? And who was

that kid in zion who kept pestering




You will find the answers to these

questions by purchasing The

Animatrix, a collection of nine

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Alright. Well, what was that crap

Glora said about vampires and

werewolves? And how did Jada Pinkett

Smith get to Laurence Fishburne

during the car chase? And what the

hell happened during the power plant

takeover climax that-wasn't?



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Fine! Then tell me this, what the

hell is with Hugo Weaving saying he

and I have some special connection?

And how come I can control machines

in the real world? And will we win

the war if I don't choose the door

to my right?



You will find the answers to these

questions when you watch The Matrix

Revolutions, coming later in 2003.



I hate you.


:lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:

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Against every expectation I had going in, I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I think the second movie disappointed me so badly that this installment could only make things better. Once I made my peace with the fact that what had started out as a slick, clever sci-fi film has devolved into basically one long, bombastic special effect, I was able to let go and relish the spectacle. Really!

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Originally posted by gigapower@Nov 6 2003, 08:55 AM

enjoyed it until the big Neo/Smith Fight at the end, all went down the crapper from there. Anyone else get the feeling that the brothers were using that scene to practice for a live version of Akira?

I agree. I liked it right up until that point, and then it piled into a telephone pole.


As I read on another forum, Revolutions was the equivalent of showing your dog "the ball" and making like you threw it for him to fetch, but actually kept it in your hand, behind your back.



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Hey, how in the blazes do I post text with the black spoiler box over it?


Try opening a quote box and then setting the color to black. Like so:


Actual movie spoiler, be warned:

What exactly happened when Smith assimilated Neo and then the machines pumped some kind of energy into his body and exploded all of the Smiths? Did the machines use Neo as a kind of Trojan horse? Getting him close to Smith and then exploding him like a bomb? And how did the Oracle fit in? She pulled an Obi-Wan and allowed Smith to assimilate her, but then in the final battle it seemed like she was working to destroy Smith from within. I was scratching my head about that.


end spoiler

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Sam's short explanation of end fight (Spoilers!)




I hope I'm not being obvious, but Neo didn't realize until the very end that there was only one way to destroy Smith. Recall that in Reloaded, right before the burly brawl, Smith explained why he was still alive? He said something along the lines of, "You killed me. I knew what I had to do [be deleted] but I didn't do it. I couldn't." Then the other Smiths joined in and said, "We are here because of you. It is purpose that drives us. It is purpose that binds us. It is purpose that defines us." Smith was still alive because his program still had an unfinished objective - to kill Neo. Once that objective was achieved, he would accept deletion. Smith, being so blinded by his desire to destroy Neo (and he was blinded because he is, after all, partly human) didn't realize that when he achieved his goal he would be deleted. And that is the entire purpose of that long fight - to show that neither could destroy each other. One could not exist without the other. The only way Smith could be stopped is allowing him to reach his goal. I really liked the ending because it simultaneously found a resolution to the war. The machines had no way of stopping Smith, who had become a virus. So they made a deal with Neo - in return for stopping Smith, the machines would give Zion peace.


Again, I hope that wasn't something you guys already knew. But I had a feeling that's what Kelly and Dave were asking.

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Regarding the Oracle...


I still haven't figured out exactly how she, along with Seraph and the little girl, survived Smith. However, I found that the irony present in that scene suggested something. Smith kept going on and on (and very humourously at that) about how the Oracle must have known he was coming, how she must have known he would knock over those plates, etc. , etc. He didn't think she knew. But see, she probably did. Everything in the movies have suggested to me that she would anticipate Smith coming. So why was she still there? That was probably a dummy Oracle of some sort. Smith doesn't actually know if he has assimilated another program completely. Note that he had to ask (he also asked after he infected Neo)? So he couldn't have actually know whether that was the real Oracle or not.


Just my theory.

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Thanks, Sam, your explanation as far as the final battle makes perfect sense. I'm still confused by the Oracle, though:



Not only did she allow herself to be assimilated, but at the end of the big Smith/Neo fight, when Smith stops and says "Wait, I've seen this before", I believe that is very clearly the Oracle at work. He confirms it by saying "Everything that has a beginning, has an end", which was the line that the Oracle said to Neo earlier in the movie. Then he looks confused to hear himself say that and mutters "Wait, that can't be right". I think that is the Oracle working from within him somehow. But how, and to what end, I don't know.


Your explanation about Smith exploding once he fulfilled his objective (to destroy Neo) makes perfect sense, and I hadn't thought of that. When Neo dies and the machines inject all that energy into him, I thought that was what killed all of the Smiths. Your theory makes a lot more sense, though.

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I agree with Sam's explanation of the Neo/Smith fight, and the more I think about it, it is a fitting resolution.


I do have to laugh at the VERY overt Christ references coming back into play at the end. The shot of Neo, arms outstretched (as on a cross) being wheeled away by the machines. Hey kids, remember when Keanu Reeves died for our sins?



P.S. Thanks for the tip, PoisonJam! :D

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