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Games for the girlfriend (360)


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So I ordered my gf a 360 elite from dell that comes with lego indy and kung fu panda. I'm trying to think of what else she may like. She enjoys Zelda on her Wii as well as Rock BAND AND GH. I was going to try and find something other than Rock Band that would be more along the lines of Zelda but couldn't think of anything in particular. Any suggestions?

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A few suggestions:



Castle Crashers (it's a little hard but she may like the characters and basic gameplay)



Retail possibilities:

Spiderman Friend or Foe (also simplistic - easy to get into and fun with a friend)

(I'd suggest Fable II but can't recommend it yet since I've barely played mine yet :P)

Lego Batman

Lego Star Wars Complete


Other possibilites:

Conker's Bad Fur Day (classic Xbox - may be expensive and hard 2 find)

Morrowind/Oblivion (after Fable maybe)

The Simpsons (or Simpsons Hit and Run - I'd recommend that one much more really)


U might ask what she thinks of Zombies and consider Dead Rising if she doesn't mind them? (wii is getting a verison now tho) Maybe a holiday rental. If she doesnt mind that she MIGHT enjoy Ninja Gaiden 2 (it's gory and it's frustrating in places but it plays sooo nice)


Don't forget that XBL has a lot of game demos you can download and try, so if you're wondering try d/ling some of those demos and let her try a few to see if she likes the games

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Well I finally got my g/f into wanting to play videogames... Not on the 360(sorry to thread jack in that case) but the wiii... She wanted wiifit and a couple other games..So with a gift card that she had got, went on a mini wii spree lol.. all I have to say is FINALLY!

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