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What's on your current portables menu?


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Despite the "areas" design of Ecclesia, so far it seems more linear than the previous "big huge castle" games. I feel like I'm just going right, then hitting a big boss that takes a few tries. The glyph system is good in concept, but even with the ability to switch between configurations of glyphs, it's a bit of a hassle to switch one pair of glyphs for another.


Also been playing N+ on DS, and so far it's a big letdown. Easy, uninspired, and somewhat buggy with poor design. Why the HELL does it autoselect "New Game" on single player instead of "Continue"? Since it just looks for key held on the confirmation instead of key down, I overwrote my 16-episode-beaten save last night before I even knew what happened.

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I'm almost finished ecclesia (i think). It gets a bit easier (for a while) after the third boss (what an annoying yet hilarious boss) then starts getting hard again and I just got past where I was stuck for ages - related spoiler and tip:

make sure you rescue all the villagers or u cant get to dracula's castle also make sure you practice combat glyph absorbing cuz a number of boss glyphs are ONLY absorbable during certain boss fights



When you get past that part

Shadows make investing in 1 onyx pin worthwhile


And make sure you keep the coin glyph up at all times at least till you need the onyx pins, since once you get it it makes everything tons easier if you have it and the gold ring equipped


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I pulled out my PSP last week again and got into Patapon. Aside from not being able to keep the rhythm down enough to hold the fever chant, I'm having a great time with it. Oh, and getting those damn chants stuck in my brain.


patapatapatapon patapatapatapon ponponpatapon


Also picked up a copy of Field Commander on the cheap last weekend. I've only gone through the tutorials so far, but I think I'll enjoy it. It's my first foray into [gwb]strategery[/gwb] games.

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