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Circuit City Closing ALL stores


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I wish the Circuit City here in San Antonio would close... they're a joke!


Their service has turned so bad that I don't even bother going there if they have a sale... I just grab the circular and go to Best Buy. They NEVER have what a want easy to grab and go. Their vertical organization of DVDs is RETARDED.


FUCK them for putting their new release video games behind the register where no one can browse them. Damnit.


I think they went wrong in two ways: Outdated Floor Plans (see vertically oriented DVDs) and no longer carrying household appliances. I hear that appliances are one of the more lucrative areas of these kind of stores.


I tell everyone that I know that the reason K-Mart failed was because of lighting. Brown and yellow stores next to bright white Target and Wal-Mart stores.

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For folks with CC gift cards, this promotion might be worth considering...hhgreg is taking CC gift cards, you can use them towards up to 20% of the purchase price of stuff there.




I don't have one in my state...but I thought it was an interesting promo.

Guess they are trying to suck up the CC customers?

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According to an article I read on MSN, Circuit City is now going to close up all of their stores. I guess they were looking for a buyer but nothing ever came through, so now they are going to liquidate. Can't say I am all that surprised, though there are like 2 new stores in my area that just opened in the last few months. Might be interesting to see what kind of deals they put together.

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Oh yeah, tell me that Walmart ever had thousands of LDs for sale...LOL! Back in the day, around here we didn't have Walmart or Best Buy or Fry's. And in a bit of cosmic irony, Sam's Club is now in the space where Incredible Universe used to be.


I don't expect many good deals at CC in the beginning, and by the time the real % off kicks in, Joe Schmoe will have grabbed all the decent stuff they could have found at the same price in other stores, but was hypnotized by the word: LIQUIDATION!

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