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Left 4 Dead - PC vs 360


Which platform (or platforms) for Left 4 Dead?  

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  1. 1. Which platform (or platforms) for Left 4 Dead?

    • PC
    • 360
    • PlayStation 3. I wish. Damn you, Valve!

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Left 4 Dead comes out real soon. I'm tempted to buy it to add to the pile of games waiting to be played, but I'm totally undecided on what platform to buy it for. 360 comes with XBox Live goodness of course, but I've got a nice beefy PC now & playing it on there means more chance to play it while my wife watches Grey's Anatomy. Decisions, decisions.


What platform are you likely to buy it for?

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I'm leaning towards the PC version myself. I just feel it's going to have a longer life on the PC compared to the 360 version, it's cheaper and like you, I've got a PC that will run it at full detail easily. Plus, like other Valve titles, it will make full use of 64-bit OS's :)


Too bad they didn't add Live functionality to the PC version for cross-platform play :(

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