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HDTV compatible lightguns

heavy liquid

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I have three lightgun games for the PS2 and would like to play them, but I'm really confused as to what gun I should get. I understand that most guns have problems with HDTV sets. I don't have a projection set, but it is a 27" HDTV. My Madcatz Xbox lightgun doesn't work on it, either.


Are there any HDTV compatible guns that someone could recommend? And with one of the cables being routed through the video for more accurate targeting (or something like that - correct me if I'm wrong), will that degrade the picture at all?

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I unfortunately can tell you, there are no light guns that are compatible with front proejction systems, nor do I believe they are even possible. I vaguely remember reading an article on why that was.


Now, I'm not positive about the PS2, but Madcatz does make an HD-compatible 'Blaster' for the Xbox that has just popped up in the last couple of months. If you peruse another forum, however, you may have stumbled across a thread in which it would work fine for House of the Dead 3, but if you unlocked HotD2, the gun then failed to work on either HotD2 or 3, a weird quirk indeed. While I think they nailed it down to a coding problem with the actual game, I may hold off just a bit before I make a purchase.



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Okay, I've found a lightgun called Scorpion 3 here that claims to be "The Only PS2 Light gun that works with HDTV!"


It looks pretty cool, too:




So does anyone know if this is in fact the ONLY lightgun that works with HDTV? I can't find anything that says if it works with projection tvs either.


I also remember seeing a Pelican lightgun at a Gamestop which had a sticker on the box saying "HDTV compatible". Although that one sounds a little shady to me.

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