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Ubisoft acquires Massive Entertainment

Romier S

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For those that don't know who Massive is, they developed the World in Conflict and Ground Control series of games (PS3 and 360 versions due out in '09). World in Conflict was a stellar RTS and if you're a fan of the genre - you should do yourself a favor and pick up one of the console versions of the PC version if you've got a competent system.




Ubisoft Acquires Massive Entertainment

Well-known RTS developer was previously owned by Activision Blizzard.

By Steve Watts, 11/10/2008

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault


Ubisoft has acquired real-time strategy game developer Massive Entertainment from Activision Blizzard. This includes the entirety of studio staff and assets, along with the World in Conflict series. Activision Blizzard put the developer on the sales block in August, possibly figuring the merger had already given it a surefire RTS hit. But Massive is known for its own RTS games, like the classic Ground Control and more recent, but no less regarded, World in Conflict.


World in Conflict: Soviet Assault was delayed pending the sale and its future was uncertain, but Ubisoft's purchase gives the title renewed -- and well-deserved -- hope for the future. The original received multiple awards in 2007. "We are delighted to welcome the talented team of creators at Massive into the Ubisoft family," said executive director of worldwide production Christine Burgess-Quemard. "Ubisoft is growing at an intense pace and our strategy is to ensure the strength of our global creative teams." We'll keep you updated if this gives Soviet Assault a new release date, and let you know when you can expect it.

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