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Gears of War 3: Hopes & Predictions

Dave C

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What's everyone's thoughts on where you would like to see this franchise go. Do you think something less linear and scripted is possible or should they stick to the same formula? Would they be able to maintain the level of visual detail and polish in a more open environment? :chainsaw

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RPG elements anyone? I'd welcome a bioshocking of GOW. I already consider GOW a departure from the typical FPS gameplay that is barely different from the original Quake and Doom days. The cover mechanic and roadie run alone make Gears feel way different than Halo.


Throw in some tinkering to things like running speed, weapon augments, melee effectiveness, accuracy attributes with snipers or shotguns, etc... maybe adding class stuff to the multiplayer... if that is what they're talking about, I think that could be cool.

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