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FS: Sega Saturn & 10 Games *Almost Brand New*

Chris F

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About 2-3 months ago I picked up a brand new Sega Saturn and about 10 games for it. I've used it only once or twice, and it's in pristine condition, along with the games.


I've basically figured out it was an impulse buy, and that I don't really have a need for it, nor the space for it, nor the time to play it, nor the fundage to try and buy any more games for it.


This is what's included:


>Sega Saturn Model# MK-80008 - Opened / In original box / Used twice / With instructions/plastics/controller - Battery still charged

>Daytona USA / Virtua Fighter 2 / Virtua Cop 3-Pack - Opened / In sleeves / With instructions - Was a promo giveaway

>Fighting Vipers - Opened / Original case / With instructions

>Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge - Opened / Original case / With instructions

>NiGHTS into Dreams - Opened / Original case / With Instructions/3D Controller

>Sega Rally Championship - Opened / In jewel case / With instructions - Was a promo giveaway

>Sonic R - Opened / In original case / With instructions

>Street Fighter Alpha : Warrior's Dreams - Opened / In original case / With instructions

>Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Opened / In original case / With instructions


The system was brand new when I purchased it, and used only TWICE to test the games. The battery was brand new as well. All games were brand NEW when I purchased them, and played only ONCE to test them. Some of the cases are cracked, or broken, but the discs and instructions are fine.


I would be glad to provide digital photos of the set to anyone who requires them.


I'd rather one of you guys provide a good home for it, rather than others who may not give it a good home if I try to sell it elsewhere.


I was thinking $200.00 (INCLUDES S/H!) would be fair. If not, we can work something out I'm sure. :)


Thanks guys.

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