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October NPD results

Tonner Cyn

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From NeoGAF forums:


Many thanks to NPD as always for their continued support.


HW Sales

Hardware Unit Sales


Wii 803K

Nintendo DS 491K

Xbox 360 371K

PSP 193K

PlayStation 3 190K

PlayStation 2 136K






Top 10 SW

Publisher Release Date Rank # Units






360 SAINTS ROW 2 THQ (CORP) Oct-08 6 270K



360 NBA 2K9 TAKE 2 INTERACTIVE (CORP) Oct-08 9 202K



Industry Sales



Dollar Sales Oct-07 Oct-08 CHG YTD Oct 07 YTD Oct 08 CHG

Video Games $1.12B $1.31B 18% $10.50B $13.13B 25%

Video Games Hardware $470.47M $494.74M 5% $4.13B $4.72B 14%

Video Games Software $514.60M $696.79M 35% $4.98B $6.76B 36%

Video Game Accessories $130.81M $120.19 -8% $1.40B $1.65B 18%



Originally Posted by Anita Frazier, NPD Analyst:



"The video games industry grew an impressive 18% year-over-year in the first month of the critical fourth quarter. With 10-months under its belt, the video games industry is still poised to top $22B in annual sales in 2008."


"The sales results are mixed this month, however. The console portion of the market made significant gains at 26% across hardware, software and accessories, while the portable side of the market stalled, declining 14%. Year-to-date the portable segment of the market is still up 7%."




"The greater supply of Wii hardware at retail is evident in the sales figures for the month with the Wii enjoying its best sales month outside of last November and December."


"The price reduction on the Xbox 360 is paying dividends at retail as the platform realized a 7% unit sales increase over September. Keeping in mind that September was a 5-week month while October had four, the sales pace increased 33%."


"The PS3 realized the greatest year-over-year monthly unit sales increase at 57%."




"Console software sales realized the greatest percentage gain year-over-year of any category. This month, Fable II captured the top spot selling 790K units across the standard and limited edition SKU's."


"The expanding variety of content available for consumers to play is clearly paying off for the industry. Looking at the top 10 games for the month, half are "M" rated games while the other half are "E" rated games and they span disparate genres. There is something for everyone on this list"




"Accessory sales are down for the month but we should expect this category to pick up again with the anticipated increases in hardware sales for the holidays."

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Tonner I put the hardware in sales order if you wonder why I did an edit.


As for the NPD's


The guy who was on game trailers Bonus Round a few weeks back saying Fable II would fall in the cracks, must feel like an idiot now


Also GH: World Tour does not show up at all

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That is a lot of Wiis. I suspect it will sell well over a million in November as long as the supplies are there.


MS seems to be securing their hold on second place with almost doubling the PS3 sales, and erasing any lead in the Year to Date totals in North America that the PS3 had over the 360.


That LBP number seems rather disappointing considering all the positive press it is receiving. I also thought Fallout 3 would do better but the PS3 version did not crack the top ten (although the PC may have sold quite a bit also!)

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Joey - No problem. I just copied and pasted what I saw at NeoGAF so its all good to me.


I'm hoping to see a little more info before the end of my work day. There has to be some numbers for GH/RB to report. Still, even with the number of sku's on those games, the fact that they could not get in the top 10 - and GH releasing that month - has to be considered bad news by their camps.


With those hardware numbers, the 360 now has about a 50,000 lead in consoles sold over the PS3. The price drop has to be the main factor here, though the pretty solid/strong list of titles available for the 360 in October (and November) contributed as well. Will the difference be even greater in November? Could be, as I would contend that Gears will clearly outperform Resistance 2 and the cross-platform games will still be heavily slanted towards the 360.


The Wii just keeps selling. I am starting to see it much more often in stores so either demand is decreasing or the supply is catching up. As I think November will see Wii sales over 1 mil, I don't think there is a demand issue (even if I have no interest).

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Shamelessly stolen from the NeoGAF forums again:


Additional numbers:


Wii Music - 81K

GHWT (all SKUS) - 534K

RB2 (LTD) - 600K


Source: http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/news/npd-wii-fable-ii-fuel-sales-of-131-billion-in-october-for-us-game-industry/?biz=1&page=1


Those GH & RB numbers look a bit better, though it does seem like the honeymoon may be over with that genre of game. Looking at the article in the link, it does appear that those numbers include all platforms. So, it seems likely that the Guitar Hero brand will still outsell Rock Band.

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For comparison, when Guitar Hero III went on sale in September 2007, bundles for the game landed in second, third, fourth, and eighth place, with all selling more than 230,000 copies apiece.


Activision has to be very disappointed.


That is great for Fable II.


Midnight Club and Far Cry 2 also missing from top 10.


It is possible the one week delay hurt LBP.

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For some interesting context, here's last year's October HW NPD sales:


Wii: 519K

DS: 458K

360: 366K

PSP: 286K

PS3: 184K

PSP: 121K


So a year on, everything bar the Wii is effectively unchanged. The 360 price drop made little immediate difference year on year. Next month will be a very interesting month for the games industry - hardware & software sales typically leap up in November but how will they do in a recession?

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Courtesy of Bill Harris:

From Sony's press release in response to the NPD numbers (thanks Kotaku):

PLAYSTATION?3 (PS3?) continued its positive momentum in October' date=' with 190K hardware units sold, a 90% growth year-to-date. This represents an increase of 56% when compared to October 2007, during which SCEA introduced a price cut for PS3.


Tell me they didn't just try to do that.


Take a look at this sentence:

This represents an increase of 56% when compared to October 2007, during which SCEA introduced a price cut for PS3.


They're not talking about the ACTUAL price cut, which came November 2. They're talking about the PRESS RELEASE on October 18 of last year announcing the price cut.


So really, they're comparing this year's sales to the month when no one bought a PS3 for the last two weeks unless they were clinically insane. In other words, it's the easiest possible compare imaginable. By the way the press release reads, though, you'd think October was the month when the actual price cut took place and tons of units were sold--the toughest possible compare.


That is some outstandingly high-level dickery.


You know when companies deceive? When they feel like they have to. That's all you need to know about how Sony perceives their own results for October.[/quote']I don't usually comment in the sales threads but I ran across this going through my feedreader and I thought this was well put.

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Bill Harris has a definite bias if you read his blog regularly and that needs to be kept in mind when he analyzes NPD etc. His sales analysis from last month for example had a number of holes in it compared to the likes of GamaSutra's monthly column.
I read it but I hadn't noticed any bias but I don't generally read them in much depth. What bias do you think he has?
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GMC and Ford should throw in a Wii with every car sold, economy saved!


That thing sells better than the Sham-wow, I just can't believe the legs that system has. Of course, it is also played every single day in our household by either the 7 or 5 yr old, but honestly I almost never pick the controller up. Are these new sales for kids, grandparents, or ??? Amazing...

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Dead Space at 200k is disappointing as hell. The game deserves far more success and I never thought I would be saying that about an EA game.:(



And people wonder why EA "sequelizes" and " licensed-property-izes" itself to death and, until recently, wouldn't risk much in the way of original IP. They can't win for losing.


Mind you, I didn't buy "Dead Space" -- survival horror isn't my cup of tea -- but it is rather disappointing.

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