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Hello. Yes i am alive!


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Hey since i gotten email and xboxlive messages regarding my status i figured this was simply way to talk to you all.


I'm currently in the hosptial for awhile. 17 days and counting. I'm out on a 3 hour day pass right now to pay bills and stuff. I hope to be back and gaming with you guys soon. But for right now I'm on the sidelines.


Thanks for your concerns! I try to get back in the line up as soon as possible! :)


ttyl guys.

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Thanks guys! :)


It's feels great to be missed so much! Thank you all very much!


I'm not out of the woods yet. I'm currently waiting for a bed to open up in London (city) for some tests to see how I got this way. Hopefully if all goes well i should be back to my normal self in a few months.


Thanks again guys for the warm wishes!!

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